2019 NFL Draft Preseason Scouting Profile: Oregon QB Justin Herbert

Justin Herbert

Height: 6’5

Weight: 225lbs

Oregon junior QB Justin Herbert has been an intriguing prospect to breakdown. When I watch his film, the first thing that stands out is his athleticism, which allows Herbert to run Oregon’s Run-Pass Option style of offense efficiently. As I’ll showcase below, Justin Herbert not only has top-level athleticism, but also has an elite-caliber arm to boot. Find out below what we like and dislike, as well as where we project him to be drafted in this 2019 NFL Draft Justin Herbert Scouting Report.


What I Like

Herbert’s arm strength is impressive, as highlighted in this clip. Although he’s only facing a three-man rush, Herbert stays in the pocket with his eyes downfield. As you can see in this clip, the ball has plenty of velocity behind it and is place perfectly for the receiver to make a play. Keep on mind that Herbert makes this play from the 38-yard line and into the back of the end zone, which is about a 48-yard throw.


What I Dislike

I should preface this by saying that the Boise State game was a bit of an anomaly for Herbert. This game was full of mistakes made by Herbert, with this particular play standing out the most. As you can see, the defender sat on this route and read Herbert perfectly. I assume that Herbert expected the defender to break off and cover the flat, as he showed early on, but instead, the defender comes back up to cover the receiver and ends up with the interception.



Justin Herbert shows off extraordinary acceleration in this play. Once he’s able to read the defense and process the open field, Herbert kicks it into a second gear and shoots to the end zone. Herbert has been able to show this level of athleticism consistently.


Draft Projection – 2nd to 3rd Round

Currently, Justin Herbert is the 5th QB on my Preseason Big Board. I love the arm strength and athleticism that Herbert displays, but I would like to see him develop further as a passer in 2018. It’s likely that, if he declares for the 2019 NFL Draft, Justin Herbert will see his stock rise as we get to his Pro Day and NFL Combine, given the athletic ability that he would be able to display in drills. Nonetheless, Justin Herbert is an impressive prospect that could rise up draft boards throughout the season.