2019 NFL Draft Preseason Scouting Profile: Iowa TE Noah Fant

Noah Fant

Noah Fant

Height: 6’4

Weight: 232lbs

University of Iowa’s Noah Fant is one of the more impressive Tight End prospects to watch this year. His pass catching ability is off the charts, but as we breakdown below, his blocking ability can’t be overlooked either. Continue reading below as we offer this preseason scouting report on one of our favorite prospects this year.


What I Like

Noah Fant display fantastic blocking ability on this play. He’s able to get out and square up the linebacker and drive him across the field, providing plenty of room for the running back to get positive yardage on the play. Without a block like this, it’s likely a two to three yard gain, but instead, it’s a seven yard gain that puts the Hawkeyes in a great position on 2nd and 3.


What I Dislike

It’s rare, but there are occasions where Noah Fant drops an open pass or commits an offensive holding penalty. Some of this should be shored up with coaching, but it is worth noting.



Per draftscout.com, Noah Fant is slated to run a 4.78 40-yard dash time, but as you can see in the above clip, he plays much faster. Fant is able to get through the defensive line quickly, and once he makes his cut across the field, looks back to track the ball and make the catch for the first down. I enjoy watching film on Noah Fant for his blocking ability, but he’s just as good of a receiver, too.


Draft Projection – 1st to 2nd Round

In my opinion, Noah Fant is light years ahead of the 2018 NFL Draft Prospects. He’s a solid blocker at the first and second level, as well as showing solid ability on downfield blocks.  His athleticism jumps through the screen when breaking down his game film. Noah Fant is only a junior this upcoming season, so it’s nota lock that he declares for the 2019 NFL Draft. Nonetheless, he’s head and shoulders above the competition, and I have a late-first to mid-second round grade on him.