Virginia Tech OLB Tremaine Edmunds Scouting Report

Tremaine Edmunds

Height: 6’5

Weight: 250

2017 First-Team All-ACC

2017 Butkus Award Semifinalist


What I Love

This is a simple ‘See Ball, Attack Ball’ type of play.  Edmunds does a terrific job of shedding his block, fighting through traffic, locating the ball, attacking the ball carrier, and making the tackle.


What I Hate

This is just a blown assignment, plain and simple.  Edmunds is matched up with the tailback, but doesn’t’t pick him when he drops into the flat.  It should be noted that Tremaine Edmunds doesn’t typically play Inside Linebacker, but nonetheless, this can’t happen in the NFL.


Pass Coverage

Fantastic mechanics here by Tremaine Edmunds to display his pass coverage.  What stands out is that he keeps his body square with his hips pointed towards the receiver.  He makes a break for the ball and almost makes the interception.  Nonetheless, this was still an incomplete pass.


Player Comparison:  Arizona Cardinals OLB Jarvis Jones

This is probably more of a college comparison, but when I first started breaking down film on Tremaine Edmunds, I was reminded a lot of when I broke down film of Jarvis Jones at Georgia.  Jones doesn’t have the same height, 6’3 compared to Edmunds’ 6’5, but they’re both disruptive forces on the edge, all the while still being able to hold their own out in coverage.


Projected Draft Pick:  Mid-First-Round

Tremaine Edmunds is listed as my best overall Outside Linebacker.  He’s a talented pass rusher that plays smart and instinctive football.  His coverage skills are on-point, as well.  Some scouts have him listed as a Late-First to Second Round draft pick, but his skills at the position warrant a much higher selection.