2020 NFL Draft Quarterback Comps

Almost every player from every draft has a person that they remind me of. However, I have two comps. One of them what their career could be if they succeed, and the other if their career wasn’t as good. Here are my comps for the top-five quarterback comps in this year’s class.

Quarterback Comp: Justin Herbert

Quarterback comp
Justin Herbert is considered a top-10 NFL prospect. (Photo Credit: Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports)

Blake Bortles

I see a lot of Bortles in Herbert. I liked Bortles coming out of Central Flordia. And at times in his NFL career I saw a lot of franchise quarterback glances. Maybe with the right coaches Bortles would be a starter today. I think this is the lowest Herbert will be: a turnover machine who didn’t succeeded in the NFL due to his coaching.

Eli Manning

You may be thinking, Eli Manning, he’s a way different quarterback than Herbert. I agree they have different play styles but there more similar than you think. Both have somewhat questionable leadership skills. Eli wasn’t a locker room vocal leader, and I don’t think Herbert will be either.

Quarterback Comp: Joe Burrow

Joe Burrow
Joe Burrow could be the No. 1 overall selection in the 2020 NFL Draft. (Photo Credit: Gus Stark/LSU Athletics)

Mitchell Trubisky

Burrow reminds me a lot like Trubisky coming out of college. Both were considered one-year wonders. Both didn’t have an incredible arm. And it seemed they were the consensus No. 1 quarterback in the draft. I think Burrow will do better than Trubisky. But if his career goes flat, I think Burrow will end up like Trubisky.

Troy Aikman

I think this may be the most perfect comparison, and why I think Jerry Jones has to call Paul Brown. Burrow will succeed if he is in a good situation, like Troy Aikman did with Dallas. If Aikman didn’t go to Dallas, I don’t think his career would be anything close to what it is today. If a team can move up from the back of the pack to select him, Burrow may see his face on a newspaper with a ring on his hand.

Quarterback Comp: Tua Tagovailoa 

2020 NFL Draft Quarterback Tiers
Tua Tagovailoa is likely still a high first round pick despite his hip injury.(Photo Credit: Todd Kirkland/Getty Images)

Robert Griffin III

I think this is the comparison that a lot of people don’t see. Both of Griffin III and Tagovailoa were intelligent guys coming out of college, and both of them were very talented. The cons are both’s measurables aren’t amazing, and if Tua’s careers doesn’t go well, it will be due to injury.

Aaron Rodgers

I’ve seen a lot of people say Mahomes or Wilson for Tua, but I see more of an Aaron Rodgers in him. I think both are very smart quarterbacks, and both of them are extremely clutch. Rodgers and Tua are both mobile which helps them during play action or when the pocket collapses.

Quarterback Comp: Jacob Eason

Redshirt junior Jacob Eason may declare for the 2020 NFL Draft. (Photo credit: Abbie Parr/Getty Images)

Jimmy Clausen

Clausen was a good talent coming out of Notre Dame. However, the Panthers drafting Cam Newton hurt his chances of becoming a franchise quarterback. Even though I have a mid-1st-round grade on Washington’s Jacob Eason, I feel he’ll slip to the second round. Teams like Carolina, Jacksonville, or the Colts are likely to take a quarterback early next year if they don’t succeed. I could see Eason getting that same treatment.

Ben Roethlisberger

With Jacob Eason’s strong arm and ability to play in bad weather, I see a lot of Roethlisberger in him. Eason played well for two different college teams, which I think is something that isn’t being talked about as much. His tape reminded me a lot like a Roethlisberger or Jameis Winston (with less interceptions) I think many people are sleeping on this kid. And I wouldn’t be shocked if he’s a Pro Bowl caliber quarterback by 2024.

Quarterback Comp: Anthony Gordon

Quarterback comps
Anthony Gordon could be a Day 2 pick. (Photo Credit: USA Today/Snook)

Marc Bulger

This may be the nicest lower comparison I’ve given any of these prospects, but I see a good amount of Bulger in Gordon. Both are very intelligent quarterbacks. I think all Gordon needs to do is gain around 10-15 pounds. In addition, he needs to have better pocket presence and he’ll be a good quarterback in today’s league.

Nick Foles

Watching Gordon I see a good amount of 2013 Nick Foles and some of Doug Pederson. Yes, Gordon is four inches shorter and lighter than Foles, but Gordon is probably the best backup quarterback in this draft class. No offense to Gordon, but I can really see him being a coach one day. He and Foles have a lot of similarities. And if Gordon is even 80% as successful as Foles, he’ll have a good career.

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