2020 NFL Draft Quarterbacks not named Joe Burrow

With April 23rd nearing, the 2020 NFL Draft quarterbacks not named Joe Burrow are all wondering where they might end up. If you’re not a Bengals fan and hope to draft a quarterback, who do you want?

Justin Herbert

Of the 2020 NFL Draft quarterbacks, Justin Herbert is my second-ranked quarterback not named Joe. He’s got some of the best physical tools for his position of anyone in this draft. And he can move. Like a gaselle.  

Herbert evades an edge pass-rusher and converts a chunk-yardage play. Of course it’s the Senior Bowl and nobody wants to get hurt, so that edge rusher takes it a bit easy once he makes it to Herbert. But the Oregon quarterback still shows off some pocket awareness and wheels to make a play with his feet. 

He also showed a set of passing plays that are reminiscent of Baker Mayfield in college. Pulling an RPO and slicing a quick slant or post through the defense. Quick receivers of that type of style form the foundation of modern offenses in the NFL, and Herbert, like I mentioned before, has the physical tools to make that offense work. 

Jordan Love

Jordan Love is that NFL Draft case of a guy who’s got physical tools and crazy arm talent, but simply hasn’t played as proven talent as other prospects. Josh Allen was like that coming out of Wyoming as well. However, Love did get a chance this past year to play a pretty good team: LSU. Love was under some considerable pressure from LSU’s D-line most of the game, but he showcased what he’s capable of doing (inconsistently at the moment). 

This throw is ridiculous. Floats a ball over the back-end of the secondary and one of the best corners in the draft in Kristian Fulton. 

Tua Tagovailoa

Tua is easily the most well-known of the 2020 NFL Draft Quarterbacks group. Love is pretty far away from the other two. In addition, Tua has one of the most accurate arms I’ve seen at the college level. And he’s playing the best competition in the SEC. One of the potential knocks against him is that his receivers have been consistently better than the backs guarding them. That may have especially been the case this year when considering Alabama’s WR talent. 

How do these three stack up?

There are a number of 2020 NFL Draft quarterbacks not named Joe. Value vs. perceived value is important to consider here. For example, is Jordan Love a better value at 13 than Tua is at 5? I’m not ready to say that about Love just yet.

But I do think Herbert is better value towards the end of the first round than Tua is at 5. Herbert has really incredible physical tools that are similar to that of Trevor Lawrence. Such as long, great arm, and the ability to extend plays. Justin Herbert is who I want if I’m not a Bengals fan. 

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