2020 NFL Draft Rumors: Buy or Sell?

There are a lot of rumors that are spread around the grapevine during the NFL Draft process, are all rumors right? No, they aren’t, but some are. Here is my take for the latest rumors for the 2020 NFL Draft rumors, Buy or Sell edition.

NFL Draft Rumors No. 1: Justin Jefferson will go at No. 7 to Carolina

Sell: I like Justin Jefferson a lot, but unless a wide receiver’s last name is Ruggs III or Lamb, I’m not using a top-10 pick on you. Also, the Panthers spent big money on Robby Anderson this offseason, and already having DJ Moore and Curtis Samuel is enough for Teddy Bridgewater. I think Carolina will either take Tristan Wirfs, Derrick Brown or Isaiah Simmons

NFL Draft Rumors No. 2: Jordan Love will go at No. 6 to the Chargers

Buy: I am not a Jordan Love fan, I think he is a 2nd round talent for me. I am not impressed with his accuracy, character, and I really think the media is hyping up his stock due to the “Patrick Mahomes II factor.”

However, I really do think teams are low on Tua Tagovailoa, and I see him having a Brady Quinn-Aaron Rodgers type slide. So, that means Herbert goes to Miami, and Love goes to the Chargers. 

NFL Draft Rumors No. 3: Falcons want CJ Henderson at No. 16

Buy: I really think Henderson is their guy, before the Dante Fowler Jr signing I had K’Lavon Chaisson going to them, but now with edge rushers not being a huge priority, and the Desmond Trufant release, corner is a huge need.

Personally, I think Henderson is slightly overrated, I think guys like Jeff Gladney are a better talent, but Henderson’s combine did him well. 

NFL Draft Rumors No. 4: Jaguars want Defensive Tackle Derrick Brown

Buy: The Jaguars are going to have the #1 pick next year, that’s locked and loaded. So I think they will take the best player who is likely going to be on the board at #9, and that will be Derrick Brown.

Brown is for sure the best interior defensive lineman in this draft. I feel like he will end up being a top 10 Defensive Tackle in the NFL by his 3rd season. Book it!

NFL Draft Rumors No. 5: Eagles will go Wide Receiver in Round One

Buy: I can’t believe the Eagles didn’t sign A SINGLE NEW OFFENSIVE PLAYER. As a die hard Eagles fan I am disappointed in Howie Roseman, but that disappointment will end when Carson Wentz gets a new shiny sports car that he can throw to.

Hopefully that sports car will be CeeDee Lamb or Henry Ruggs III, but I wouldn’t be shocked if the Eagles go after Justin Jefferson or Jerry Jeudy. Unless the Eagles trade out of round one or receivers go early, Eagles will be getting a Wide Receiver.

NFL Draft Rumors No. 6: Bengals will trade the No. 1 overall pick

Sell: I’m not big on Joe Burrow, but with the limited scouting opportunities this offseason, the Bengals have to take the consensus No. 1 pick in Burrow.

Also, think of the jersey sales for Burrow, Mike Brown will be smiling from ear to ear. If I were the Bengals I’d fleece the Dolphins and build my team up to select either Newman, Fields, or Lawrence in 2021.

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