2020 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Clemson WR Tee Higgins

Brian Lamb
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Tee Higgins Scouting Report

Height: 6’4

Weight: 205 lbs


2019 Preseason Second-Team All-American by Phil Steele and Athlon
2019 Biletnikoff Award Preseason Watchlist
2018 Second Team All-ACC


Tee Higgins is a two-year starter for University of Clemson, highlighted by a breakout year in 2018.  Five-Star recruit per 247Sports and Rivals.com. Higgins primarily plays the outside receiver position, but sees some time in the slot as well.  In this scouting report, we’ll breakdown Tee Higgins’ mechanics and evaluate his future as an NFL wide receiver.

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What I Like:

Highpoint Ball and Yards After Catch

This play from Tee Higgins is a prime example of just how productive he can be at the next level. Higgins displays his solid footwork at the Line of Scrimmage to create space as he bounces outside. The ball is perfectly placed by the quarterback as Tee Higgins uses his 6’4 frame to get vertical and highpoint this ball in traffic. Higgins doesn’t possess a second gear burst, but he is able to stay away from the defender as he gets into the endzone and scores.



What I Dislike:

Ability to Create Separation

On this play, Tee Higgins runs a simple route across the field.  However, this play highlights flaws in Tee Higgins’ game.  Higgins lines up on the right side of the field with several opportunities to create separation at the top of the route.  Unfortunately, he’s never able to do so, allowing the defender to have an impact on the play.



Where I’ve Seen Improvement:

Ability to Track Ball Downfield

On this play, we see Tee Higgins lined up as an outside receiver to the left of the field. Higgins has good speed off the LOS, which he uses here, to get upfield quickly through the stem of the route. Higgins displays his solid ability to track balls downfield as he makes the catch with a defender on him. From there, it’s a foot race as Tee Higgins gets into the endzone for the Touchdown.



Overall Breakdown

Tee Higgins has very good height and solid weight for the receiver position.  Has good balance to remain upright through cuts and change of direction.  Displays very good vertical ability to make plays that others can’t. Has solid route tree capabilities. Shows to have a good first step off the line of scrimmage.  Solid footwork at the line of scrimmage allows him to work through pressure and create separation early in the route.  Good use of hands at the line of scrimmage to fight through press coverage.  Displays good speed throughout the stem of the route to drive upfield quickly.  

Has solid change of direction ability to create separation on comeback and curl routes.  Displays a good ability to position himself to make cuts at the top of a route in tight coverage.  Shows a solid ability to track the ball downfield, even whosoever his outside shoulder.  Displays a good catch radius, as well as good natural hands to make catches.  Has a good vertical ability to highpoint the ball in traffic.  Shows to have good situational awareness to keep his feet inbounds along the sidelines or in the endzone.  

Displays solid balance and awareness to elude defenders with the ball in his hands.  Has a solid array of tools to elude defenders in close range.  Displays a solid ability to alert the QB when coverage opens.  Shows to have a good use hands when asked to steer the defender and open lanes for the ballcarrier.  Has a good ability to keep his feet moving throughout a block and drive through the defender.  Displays a solid ability to pickup blocking assignments quickly when coming out of a route.

Displays an adequate ability to make quick cuts coming in and out of a route.  Has an adequate ability to sit on routes and find the seam when coverage is ahead of him.  Shows to have an adequate ability catch the ball in traffic when the ball isn’t above the defender.  Displays an adequate ability to reach second level blocks quickly and attack the defender.


2020 NFL Draft Projection

Mid-to-Late Second Round

Tee Higgins is an interesting prospect to breakdown.  He’s able to hold his own as an outside receiver, but struggles to create separation at the top of his route.  Look for Higgins to come off the board in the second round to a team that can groom him to lead their receiving core over the next few years.

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