2020 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Georgia QB Jake Fromm

Brian Lamb
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Jake Fromm Scouting Report

Height: 6’2

Weight: 220 lbs


Manning Award Finalist – 2019
Jason Witten Collegiate Man of The Year Semifinalist – 2019
Maxwell Award, Davey O’Brien, and Walter Camp Preseason Watchlist – 2019


Jake Fromm is a three-year starter for the University of Georgia.  Consensus four-star recruiting prospect.  Came into the 2019 season with high expectations form most.  In this scouting report, we’ll breakdown Jake Fromm’s mechanics and evaluate his future as an NFL quarterback.

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What I Like:

Accuracy in The Red Zone

If Jake Fromm has the same level of accuracy across the entire field as he does in the red zone, I firmly believe that we’d be mentioning his name as a possible top-fifteen overall selection.  Fromm places this ball perfectly on the receivers outside shoulder, away from the defender.  Just an excellent game of pitch-and-catch here.



What I Dislike:

Downfield Accuracy

As I mentioned above, Fromm’s accuracy outside of the red zone leaves quite a bit to be desired.  This ball is thrown into double coverage, although the receiver is open.  Jake Fromm does what he absolutely can’t here and under throws the route as it’s nearly picked off for the interception.  Fromm has a wide range of throws that are off the mark downfield, whether it be under thrown or over thrown, so this isn’t an isolated play.



Where I’ve Seen Improvement:

Athleticism and Accuracy Outside The Pocket

There are quite a few plays per game that show just how high Jake Fromm’s ceiling can be, and this play is a prime example.  He uses his athleticism to elude the pass rush and get out of the pocket quickly.  I’m most impressed with his accuracy while throwing on the run.  Although this play isn’t caught for the touchdown, it’s placed perfectly for the receiver to make the play.



Overall Breakdown

Has Adequate height and solid weight for the quarterback position. Displays solid acceleration to escape the pocket and get upfield for additional yards.  Has solid balance to remain upright through contact inside pocket.  His ability to throw ball away when receivers are covered downfield is solid.  Shows to have a solid ability to use head movement and shoulders to manipulate coverage.  Displays solid accuracy on throws into the flats, such as screens and bubbles.  Has a solid ability on intermediate throws to drop passes over the top of coverage.  Has a solid ability on intermediate curls to place ball on outside shoulder away from defenders.  

Displays solid accuracy on deep balls downfield.  Displays good velocity and arm strength on all throws as passes are typically tight spirals.  Has a solid ability to handle poor snaps away from his body.  Shows to have a solid ability to sense pressure and step up inside the pocket to avoid outside rush.  Has a solid ability to escape pocket laterally when pocket collapses from the inside.  Shows a solid ability to progress through reads quickly and find open receivers.  Has good accuracy on back shoulder throws along the sidelines.  Displays solid ball placement on out routes towards the sidelines.

Displays adequate accuracy on slant routes as ball placement is typically behind the receiver.  Has adequate accuracy when throwing on the run.  Displays marginal ball placement on deep throws outside the numbers or along the sidelines.


2020 NFL Draft Projection

Early-to-Late Second Round

Jake Fromm is an intriguing prospect for me.  On one hand, I see the flashes that make him so dangerous at the next level.  However, I do have major concerns over his accuracy downfield.  Fromm is the type of prospect that would be a project in my opinion.  I think his long-term development would benefit the most from a year or two serving as a backup quarterback as he refines his mechanics.

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