2020 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Iowa OT Tristan Wirfs

Brian Lamb
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Iowa OT Tristan Wirfs Scouting Report

Height: 6’5

Weight: 322 lbs

Big Ten Offensive Lineman of the Year – 2019
Outland Trophy Semifinalist – 2019
Honorable Mention All-Big Ten by Coaches and Media – 2018


Three-year starter at right tackle for the University of Iowa.  Four-year recruiting prospect according to 247sports.com.  Had a July 2018 OWI arrest, but has since remained out of trouble.  In this scouting report, we’ll breakdown Tristan Wirfs mechanics and evaluate his future as an NFL offensive tackle.



What I Like:

Anchor Ability In Pass Protection

Tristan Wirfs does a good job of absorbing the initial hit and anchoring his feet to establish and maintain leverage.  As a result, Wirfs does a tremendous job of finishing on the play as he drives the defender into the ground.



What I Dislike:

Handling Twitchy Moves Off The Line Of Scrimmage

Tristan Wirfs struggles with quick twitchy moves off the line of scrimmage, as highlighted on this play. Once the defender gets the leverage on the outside, Wirfs is already behind the eight ball. Nonetheless, he tries to recover, but it’s too late as the quarterback is pressured and has to get rid of the ball.



Where I’ve Seen Improvement:

Ability To Handle Inside Moves

As displayed above, I wanted to highlight the 2019 Michigan game as I believe it’s one of the worst for Tristan Wirfs.  However, by the third quarter, Wirfs was able to settle into his own and showed some improvement.  In the first half, Wirfs was beaten inside a few times off the line of scrimmage.  On this play, Tristan Wirfs shows good patience and recognition of the play to punch the defender and get him to the ground.



Overall Breakdown

Has solid height and good weight for the offensive line.  Displays good burst and acceleration off the line of scrimmage.  Has good change of direction ability in open space to deliver multiple blocks on a play.  Shows to have solid lateral agility to mirror defender off the line of scrimmage.  Has good use of hands and punch to keep defenders in front of him, even through spin and swim moves.  Shows to have a good ability to absorb initial contact off the line of scrimmage and remain balanced.  Displays good patience in pass protection to recover and re-establish leverage.  Has a good ability to drive through defenders and open up wide lanes in run blocking situations.  Displays a good ability to remain upright throughout block.  Shows to have solid quickness off the line of scrimmage to get out front of the ball carrier when asked to pull and act as a lead blocker.  Has a good ability to deliver blocks and establish leverage out in open space.  Has a solid ability to get upfield quickly and to second-level blocking assignments.

Displays an adequate motor on most downs, but needs to stay engaged with defenders throughout entire play.  Has an adequate ability to pickup blocking assignments quickly.  Has an adequate burst out of stance, but there are others in this class with faster feet.  Displays a marginal ability to keep feet moving to handle inside moves off the line of scrimmage.  Has an adequate ability to handle twitchy edge rushers in close quarters.  Has a habit to overextend his body off the line of scrimmage and lose balance in run blocking schemes.  Displays an adequate ability to attack defenders in run blocking schemes to establish leverage quickly.


2020 NFL Draft Projection

Early-to-Mid First Round

Tristan Wirfs is an offensive tackle with a high ceiling, though he does have more flaws on game film than other first round prospects.  Wirfs has had to deal with injuries on the offensive line, and yet maintains his production level.  I have him projected to play right tackle in the NFL, but some teams may see a benefit of playing him at offensive guard for a season to minimize and correct mechanical flaws in his technique.


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