2020 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Oklahoma TE Grant Calcaterra

Brian Lamb
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Grant Calcaterra

Height: 6’4

Weight: 233 lbs.


2019 Mackey Award Preseason Watchlist
2019 Biletnikoff Award Preseason Watchlist
2018 All-Big 12 First-Team by Associated Press


Grant Calcaterra had a breakout season in 2018 under quarterback Kyler Murray. Four-star consensus recruiting prospect.  Has missed significant time in 2019 due to injury.  In this article, we’ll breakdown his mechanics and evaluate his future as an NFL tight end.



What I Like:

Competitive Toughness and Catch Radius

This effort from Grant Calcaterra to fight through tight coverage and catch the ball away from his body is next level.  Calcaterra’s awareness to stutter-step and get the defender to bite before breaking back inside is what creates the separation needed for the quarterback to fit the ball in here for the touchdown.  Again, the competitive toughness to fight through contact is tremendous.



What I Dislike:

Downfield Blocking Ability

Grant Calcaterra struggles with attacking the defender on this play to establish leverage and drive through the defender on this downfield block.  As a result, the defender is able to make play of the ball carrier and stop him just shy of the first down.



Where I’ve Seen Improvement:

Punch Placement and Timing

Grant Calcaterra has shown some improvement in his blocking this season, albeit in limited showings due to an injury.  His punch timing and placement is key on this play to give the ball carrier an opportunity to get into the endzone.  It’s not a perfect block, and the technique isn’t great, but it is an improvement from a raw tight end prospect.



Overall Breakdown

Has very good height and marginal weight for tight end position.  Displays solid acceleration and top speed.  Has solid competitive toughness to fight through contact and through tight pressure.  Solid consistency as a receiver.  Shows to have solid strength to fight through pass interference and match catches away from his body.  Displays solid acceleration off the line of scrimmage and solid top end speed through the stem of the route.  Has solid footwork to create space at the top of the route.  Displays a good ability to run an expanded route tree for the tight end position.  Shows to have a good catch radius. Displays a good ability to catch passes away from his body.  Displays a very good ability to track balls over his shoulder.  Displays good eye coordination to bring in one-handed catches away from his body in traffic.  Displays a good ability to adjust quickly after the pass is caught to get his feet inbounds and ball secured.  Displays solid speed after the pass is caught to get upfield.  Shows to have a solid ability to maintain leverage once it is established in blocking situations.  Displays a solid use of hands to keep defenders off balance through punch timing and placement.

Displays an adequate second gear after the pass is caught to elude defenders.  Has adequate speed off the line of scrimmage to get in front of defenders and establish leverage when asked to block.  Shows to have marginal footwork as he approaches a defender to apply block.  Displays a marginal ability to attack and drive through defenders to open lanes when blocking downfield.


2020 NFL Draft Projection

Second to Third Round

Grant Calcaterra has missed some significant time in 2019 due to an injury, so I’d admittedly be a bit surprised to see him declare for the 2020 NFL Draft.  Nonetheless, he’s a raw prospect with a high ceiling.  If he does indeed enter the 2020 NFL Draft, a team will draft him for his ability to contribute in the passing game, given that his blocking abilities are marginal at best.

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