2020 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Oklahoma WR CeeDee Lamb

Brian Lamb
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CeeDee Lamb

Height: 6’2

Weight: 191 lbs


2019 Maxwell Award Preseason Watchlist
2018 All-Big 12 First Team by AP
2017 All-Freshman All-American by ESPN


CeeDee Lamb has been a productive receiver for the University of Oklahoma, making plays all over the field.  He has a very good ability to work along the sidelines as an outside receiver, but does well as an inside receiver too.  In this scouting report, we’ll breakdown Lamb’s mechanics and evaluate his future as an NFL wide receiver.



What I Like:

Concentration and Ability To Work Along The Sidelines

CeeDee Lamb does a very good job overall on this play.  Off the line of scrimmage, Lamb does a very good job of creating separation as he sticks his foot in the ground and fools the defender as he cuts outside.  Lamb shows a very good ability of working along the sidelines and in a confined space.  What really stands out oaths play is his ability to keep his feet inbounds as he makes the catch.



What I Dislike:

Downfield Blocking

I’d like for CeeDee Lamb to show more effort on this play as a downfield blocker.  He does a marginal job of attacking the defender and establishing leverage, and as a result, is unable to drive through and open up running room for the QB.



Where I’ve Seen Improvement

Burst and Mental Processing

CeeDee Lamb displays good burst and acceleration on this play against Texas.  He catches the ball cleanly, turns and reads the field quickly as he displays a good second gear to pickup the first down for the Sooners.  Lamb is a good outside receiver that works well outside of the numbers, but on this play shows that he can work inside as well.



Overall Breakdown

CeeDee Lamb has a good to very good frame for the outside receiver position.  Was a consensus four-star recruit out of high school.  Has good athletic ability, including good acceleration and agility.  Displays a solid ability to read and diagnose the field quickly.  Has good instincts to manipulate coverage with good change of direction and hip turn.  Combines good acceleration and footwork to create separation off the line of scrimmage.  Has a very good ability to change directions quickly, which he uses to create space along the sidelines or separation at the top of the route.  Has a very good catching ability, along with a good ability to track the ball downfield or bring in catches in traffic.  Has a good ability to highpoint the football in traffic as well.  Displays a very good ability to work in confined spaces along the sidelines and a very good ability to keep his feet inbounds.  Also shows to have a very good ability to adjust his body and bring in difficult catches, especially those along the sidelines.  Possesses a good second gear that he uses to create separation after the catch and get upfield quickly.  Displays a good ability to catch the ball in traffic and doesn’t appear to hear footsteps with defenders around him.

Displays an adequate ability to diagnose zone coverage and settle in voids, but when he does, will occasionally make it difficult on the QB with his positioning.  Has an adequate ability  to attack defenders when asked to block downfield, resulting in an adequate ability to establish leverage and drive or steer the defender to open up lanes for the ballcarrier.


2020 NFL Draft Projection

Early-to-Mid First Round

CeeDee Lamb has the ability to start at outside receiver in this league.  If he decides to declare for the 2020 NFL Draft, look for his stock to rise as he should perform very well in the NFL Combine.  I think it’s possible we could see him off the board as the top receiver in this class, beating out Alabama WR Jerry Jeudy.

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