2020 Scouting Report: Utah State QB Jordan Love

Brian Lamb
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Jordan Love Scouting Report

Height: 6’4

Weight: 225 lbs


Maxwell Award and Davey O’Brien Award Preseason Watchlist – 2019
Phil Steele and Athlon Sports First-Team All-Mountain West – 2019
Davey O’Brien Award Semifinalist – 2018


Jordan Love is a three-year starting quarterback for Utah State.  Two-star recruiting prospect according to ESPN and Rivals.  He’s an intriguing prospect given that he hasn’t faced the same level of competition as other quarterback prospects in his tier of talent.  In this article, we’ll breakdown Jordan Love’s mechanics and talent as we evaluate him as an NFL quarterback.

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What I Like:

Deep Ball Accuracy

This play right here is an NFL-caliber type of throw.  Jordan Love shows good patience in the pocket, even with pressure coming on his blind side.  Love delivers a perfectly placed throw downfield for a huge gain to put Utah State in the redzone.  These types of throws are what make Jordan Love so dangerous in the pocket.



What I Dislike:

Inconsistent Accuracy

As good as that last throw was, this one is equally as bad.  Once again, there’s pressure on the play and Jordan Love is forced to get rid of the ball quickly.  His accuracy is off as this play nearly ends up being intercepted.  This isn’t a one-time thing either.  I have real concerns with Jordan Love’s consistency.  It has to get better at the next level if he wants to stick around the NFL.



Where I’ve Seen Improvement:

Ability To Fit Passes In Tight Coverage

This pass is dropped perfectly into zone coverage by Jordan Love.  With the safety over the top, Love doesn’t have a lot of room to fit this ball into, but somehow finds a way.  There should be some kudos handed out to the receiver for hanging onto the ball here after the big hit, but these throws from Jordan Love are just getting better and better, despite some inconsistencies.



Overall Breakdown

Jordan Love scouting report

Has good height and solid weight for the quarterback position.  Displays good athleticism to get out of the pocket and upfield quickly.  Has a solid ability to handle poor snaps that are away from body.  Shows to have  solid ability to throw ball away when receivers are covered and defense is closing in.  His accuracy on throws within 10 yards of the line of scrimmage is solid.  Shows to have a solid ability to place balls away from the defender on slants and curls.  Displays solid accuracy on screen passes and throws in the flats.  Has a good ability to throw with anticipation on intermediate routes.  

Displays a solid ability to hit receivers immediately at the top of the route when in tight coverage.  Has good accuracy on deep post routes or routes across the middle of the field.  Displays good general arm strength and velocity on passes.  Has good athleticism to get out of designed bootlegs and into the open field.  Shows to have a good ability to navigate through a collapsing pocket to elude the pass rush.  Has a solid ability to progress through reads and get rid of the ball quickly.  Displays solid accuracy and mechanics when throwing on the run.  

Displays good accuracy on throws along the sidelines or outside the numbers where on the receiver can reach the ball.  Has a good ability to drop deep passes between coverage along the sidelines.  Maintains solid balance as a runner to fight through contact or on quick change of direction.  Runs with a competitive edge as he looks for contact and is tough to bring down.

Occasionally throws passes behind or away from receivers.  Has an adequate ability to let plays fully develop before pulling the trigger and throwing the ball.  Displays marginal ability to place balls where only receiver can make a play on intermediate and deep routes, especially in tight coverage.  Shows to have an adequate ability to identify rush from the middle and remain poised in the pocket.  Has a marginal ability to throw into double or triple coverage downfield.


2020 NFL Draft Projection

Mid-to-Late First Round

Jordan Love is a gunslinging quarterback that isn’t afraid to take chances if it means that the payoff could be huge.  In my opinion, he has a high ceiling, which will get him drafted, but his floor is lower than other first round quarterbacks.  He’ll need to find consistency at the next level if he wants to remain in the NFL.  Will need to play behind a better than average offensive line, at least in the short-term.  Jordan Love, much like his gunslinging mentality, could pay off big time for NFL franchises, but the risk is certainly there long-term.

Jordan Love scouting report

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