2021 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Aaron Robinson

Aaron Robinson Scouting Report

A highly touted recruit coming out of high school, Robinson was strictly a slot corner in his time at UCF. Dive into the Aaron Robinson scouting report below to see more on how these skills translate to the NFL.

School: UCF / Position: CB / Height: 5’11” / Weight: 190 / Class: rSr. 

Games Watched: Cincinnati (2020), Houston (2020)

Zone Coverage: 

Due to playing mostly in the slot, very rarely played any form of deep zone coverage. Is good at keeping his eyes in the backfield in this aspect but just has so few moments on tape doing this that it makes it very hard to evaluate fully. 

Man Coverage: 

A good athlete who does a tremendous job of matching players in man coverage from the slot. Fluid in his hips allowing him to change direction easily in the short areas of the field. Does a good job of attacking the ball in the air and breaks on it well. Would like to see him be more physical in this aspect as he does not ever press or use his hands in man coverage despite being in a great position to do so. At times has a tendency to get grabby when he is beaten which he will have to fix at the NFL level. 

Ball Skills: 

Had three interceptions in 2019 but does not have another career interception. This shows up as his ball skills are just eh. He does a good job of attacking the ball when it’s in the air but does not seem as if he knows how to actually make a play on it and this may be due to lack of good hands. 

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A very physical player in the run game which is where his strength really shows up. Does great job of disengaging with blockers and rarely misses tackles due to always being strong enough to bring the ball carrier down. 


A very good athlete. He moves very well around the field and ran a reported 4.38 40 yard dash at the UCF Pro Day. Combined with his strength, he is a good athlete in the slot at his height. 


One of the best tackling cornerbacks in the entire class, Robinson is more than willing to come up and be physical in the run game. Tackles with good form and hits hard. Will be an asset playing contain out of the slot early in his NFL career. 

Mental Processing: 

Sees the play develop well in front of him, especially in the run game. Does a good job of attacking the play once he diagnoses it. In the passing game, understands route leverage well and consistently puts himself in position to make plays through the receivers hands. Still have questions with how well he sees the field in zone coverage.  


Played almost strictly in press coverage out of the slot while at UCF. Does this well and has flexible hips to match with the receivers release. The biggest worry in this aspect is his lack of physicality. This is surprising given how he plays all other aspects of the position but he does not use his hands at all in press coverage. If he can develop this should become a reliable player out of the lot immediately. 


Has ample speed to run with NFL slot receivers. Ran a 4.38 40 yard dash at UCF’s pro day and it shows when he has to recover and get himself back into a play. 


Very fluid mover and it shows when he is forced to change direction in the short areas of the field. Does a great job of getting his hips flipped while keeping his eyes on the receiver. A fast starter after he flips as well. 


A former four star recruit, Aaron Robinson is a very talented cornerback prospect who is mostly featured in the slot. Due to this he is often aligned in press coverage. Despite being deployed in this way, he does not use his hands to jam the receiver nearly enough. If he can become better with his hands he will have a long future as a starting nickel corner. In addition to his man coverage abilities, he is one of the best tacklers at the position in the entire class. One of my biggest worries with his game is his poor ball skills. While he does break on the ball well, he often does not come away with it. While the slot is slightly undervalued, Nickel defense is the new base defense in the NFL which will make Robinson a worthy selection in the third round or early fourth. 

Grade: Late Third-Early Fourth Round

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