2021 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Baron Browning

Baron Browning Scouting Report

A well built, senior linebacker from Ohio State, Baron Browning has become a divisive player in the 2021 class. Some see him as a first rounder while others think he is more of a late rounder. Dive into the Baron Browning Scouting Report below.

School: Ohio State / Position: LB / Height: 6’3” / Weight: 240 / Class: Sr.

Games Watched: Penn State (2020), Nebraska (2020)

Zone Coverage: 

Is a good player in coverage, drops to his zones very well and quickly Wish he would have gotten tested more because I have no idea what his ball skills are like. The best part of his game by far, he is consistently in perfect position to eliminate the passing lanes. 

Inside Run: 

Shows a lot of hesitancy at all times when it comes to the point of contact. Is not aggressive enough to make tackles behind the line of scrimmage either. Through two full games I saw him make maybe one solo tackle within two to three yards of the line of scrimmage. Will have to join a defense that will make a great effort to keep him clean. 

Outside Run: 

As is his problem against inside runs, Browning does not ever seem to want to have contact. Will chase plays down to the sideline but never actually make the tackle or even put his hands on someone. Reads the plays well though and does a good job of filling cut back lanes. 

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A projection, but it seems as if Browning should have good strength. He hits hard when he does find himself involved in the tackle. 


A good athlete for the position, Browning moves pretty well. Will not be outmatched in this aspect at the NFL level. 


Is a hard hitter when he chooses too but far too often disappears from plays and games all together. Shows the ability to tackle with good form and dislodge the ball. Need to see him become more willing as a tackler at the next level. 

Mental Processing: 

Seems as if he reads the field well and is able to identify where the football is going in the passing game. Sees route concepts well in the passing game. Does this well in the run game but would like to see him be more physical. 

Man Coverage: 

Has not really shown the ability to do this but I feel as if he should be able to do so well. He is very talented in zone coverage but I worry that he will not want to be physical enough to man up tight ends in the NFL. If he cannot do this at the next level, he will struggle to find a role. 


Moves very well and quickly around the field. Is able to get from sideline to sideline with relative ease. Smooth and quick in his drops. 


Is a good blitzer due to his speed and quickness. Struggles come when forced to disengage from blocks. Will hit hard if he gets to the quarterback and does a good job of seeking out the ball. 


One of several Ohio State linebackers entering the NFL Draft this year, Browning has many fans. While he moves well and has a good mix of strength and speed, he does not play physically at all. Due to this he is a player who should be used strictly as a weak side linebacker so he can use his speed to chase down the ball carrier and fill cut back lanes. Nit a player who should be relied on to set the tone in the run game. Browning is a good player in coverage however as he moves very well and is a good athlete. My worry here is that he will not be physical enough at the next level to consistently cover tight ends in the NFL. While he has potential to become a solid starting linebacker in the NFL, at this point it is hard for me to see him as anything more than a developmental WLB. 

Grade: Round 5-6

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