2022 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Auburn CB Nehemiah Pritchett

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The game of football is all about opportunity. For Auburn CB Nehemiah Pritchett, his opportunities have come by way of his durability. Pritchett was thrust into the starting lineup due to injuries, but has made the most of his opportunities. Now a starter for the Auburn Tigers, he does a fantastic job of covering receivers on short and intermediate routes. As we’ll explain in this 2022 NFL Draft scouting report, Nehemiah Pritchett is a great value pick at corner, whose skills and abilities are easily translatable to the NFL.

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Nehemiah Pritchett 40 Time

I have Nehemiah Pritchett posting a 40 time in the mid-4.4 range. If he runs a 4.45 or 4.46, I’d be happy with that. This time would be at the league average for cornerbacks. On film, Pritchett struggles to stay close to receivers on routes longer than 20 yards quite often. As a result, I believe that Nehemiah Pritchett could post a good 10-yard split, but his overall 40-yard dash time might be near the midrange of the cornerback class at the NFL Combine.


Nehemiah Pritchett Injury History

Nehemiah Pritchett has an injury-free history. In fact, due to his durability on the field, Pritchett has gotten opportunities to play due to injured teammates. If Nehemiah Pritchett declares for the 2022 NFL Draft, I fully believe that NFL decision makers will have no qualms about drafting him.


Nehemiah Pritchett Scouting Report

  • Good Ability To Mirror WRs On Short And Intermediate Routes
  • Does A Great Job Of Tackling In The Open-Field
  • Very Good Hip Flexibility To Break On The Ball Quickly From His Backpedal
  • Below Average Range To Cover Receivers On Opposite Hash From Zone Coverage
  • Needs To Improve Ball Tracking Downfield Versus Speedy Receivers
  • Struggles Mightily To Cover Receivers On Routes Longer Than 20 Yards

Nehemiah Pritchett is a two-year starter, three-year contributor for the Auburn Tigers. Pritchett typically plays the outside cornerback position on defense. He has solid height for the position, but is a bit underweight when compared to the league average. He has good acceleration, but I question his overall top end speed.

Pritchett has a good ability to mirror receivers on short and intermediate routes. Has a solid awareness to read the QB’s eyes in zone coverage and locate receivers in the area. Displays a solid ability to track and disrupt the ball on drag routes between the hashes. Possesses a solid aggressiveness with his hands to disrupt the WR at the line of scrimmage. Also has a solid use of hands versus tight ends to shed blocks on WR screens in the flats.

Additionally, Nehemiah Pritchett also possesses a solid ability to leverage the ball in the open-field. Furthermore, he does a great job of tackling defenders in space. He has good efficiency to take the best angle towards the ball carrier from distance. Displays good hip flexibility to break on balls quickly when in his backpedal. When asked to rush the passer, he has good quickness off the line of scrimmage. More so, he has good awareness to get his hands in the air to try and bat the ball down.

Pritchett’s top end speed to stay with speedy receivers downfield is adequate. Shows a marginal ability to cover receivers on routes that are longer than 20 yards in length. Struggles to track the ball downfield versus faster receivers. Needs to work on his ability to shed blocks in the open-field. Has adequate range to cover the top of receivers and ball carriers across the field.


Nehemiah Pritchett NFL Draft Projection

I currently have Nehemiah Pritchett ranked as the 12th cornerback in our 2022 NFL Draft Top 200 Big Board. Furthermore, I have him rated as an early fourth round prospect in the 2022 NFL Draft. He does a great job of covering receivers on short and intermediate routes, but if he’s asked to do more in the NFL, I have no doubts that there will be growing pains. I’m interested to see what type of performance he can put up in the NFL Combine in March, if he does indeed declare for the upcoming NFL Draft.

In my opinion, Nehemiah Pritchett is the perfect candidate for a nickelback role in the NFL. I think he’d be best-suited to cover slot receivers and tight ends to begin his career. While he has an injury-free history, I think his contributions on special teams might keep Simon an NFL roster. If Pritchett is able to improve his coverage ability on deeper routes, he could become an everyday starter in the NFL.

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