2022 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Texas LB DeMarvion Overshown

Brian Lamb
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It’s been a rough era for the University of Texas. While the program has played very well at times, they’ve also had their struggles. However, throughout their down years, the program has been able to send talent to the NFL. Currently, the Longhorns defense has been very productive with DeMarvion Overshown at inside linebacker. In this 2022 NFL Draft scouting report, we’ll breakdown what makes DeMarvion Overshown special, as well as how his skillset and abilities might translate into the next-level.

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DeMarvion Overshown 40 Time

I believe that DeMarvion Overshown will run a 40 time in the high 4.5 range. That would put him slightly above the league average at the position. However, in recent years, Isaiah Simmons and Micah Parsons, both of whom were top picks in the NFL Draft, put up 40 times in the 4.3 range. Overshown doesn’t have the speed and quickness to drop into coverage like Simmons, or rush the passer off the edge like Parsons, but he’s still very talented. Rather, he has much more success rushing the passer on delayed rushes up the middle of the pocket. He’s also able to hold his own against running backs, tight ends, and some slot receivers across the middle of the field, but will struggles against the league’s best.


DeMarvion Overshown Injury History

Most recently, DeMarvion Overshown added to his injury history after he suffered a concussion in the 2021 matchup against Oklahoma State. Before the season began, Overshown had surgery for a torn labrum in his shoulder, which kept him out of spring practices. In 2019, Overshown battled through an ankle injury, as well as a vertebrae stress reaction, both of which forced him to miss time on the field.


DeMarvion Overshown Scouting Report

  • Reads And Attacks Bay Very Well In Traffic
  • Great Job To Pressure The Quarterback On Delayed Blitzes Up The Middle
  • Nice Ability To Tackle Ball Carrier In The Open-Field
  • Struggles To See The Whole Field When Out In Zone Coverage Between The Hashes
  • Adequate Strength To Shed Blocks From Interior Offensive Lineman At The Second-Level
  • Has Poor Range When In Deep Zone Coverage To Attack Flats Or Short Routes

DeMarvion Overshown is a four-year linebacker for the University of Texas. Injuries have played a factor in his development, but he had a breakout season in an injury-free 2020 season. He has better than average speed for the position, as well as very good height. He’s a bit underweight for the position, but has a frame that can easily carry more. Overshown does a good job of putting himself in the right position pre-snap. Additionally, he’s able to diagnose and attack the ball carrier quickly on designed runs. After the snap, he does a good job of finding and attacking the ball in traffic.

Much better than average at tackling in the open-field. Furthermore, he has solid lateral agility to stop runs outside the tackles. Displays great ability to pressure the QB on delayed blitzes up the middle of the pocket.Overshown is fluid in his movements in zone coverage outside the hashes. He’s able to mirror most skilled players in short and intermediate routes. At the line of scrimmage, he does a good job of using his hands to bump the receiver to disrupt timing on the route.

However, there are struggles for DeMarvion Overshown. Displays poor strength against lineman at the second-level and is often overpowered. He’s able to read and attack quickly, but lacks the range to make a play from deep in zone coverage. Has fine lateral agility, but will struggle in the NFL when covering receivers and tight ends on drag routes and out routes towards the sidelines.


DeMarvion Overshown NFL Draft Projection

I currently have DeMarvion Overshown listed as being drafted in the middle of the second-round of the NFL Draft. He’s currently listed as the fifth best linebacker on our Top 200 Big Board, as well as 45th overall. Frankly, there are other linebackers in this class that are more pro-ready than he is. However, I think he can improve his draft stock through a good performance at the NFL Combine in March, specifically through on-field drills. I want to see fluid movements when he’s put through the paces by NFL coaches, as well as his ability to break on balls quickly.

DeMarvion Overshown might be better suited for an outside linebacker position in the NFL, or at least early in his career. He does a great job of pressuring the quarterback in the pocket on designed blitzes, but struggles when out in zone coverage. While I feel like finding the perfect NFL-fit is important for every prospect, it’s even more so for Overshown. I don’t know if the first year or two will be productive for DeMarvion Overshown, but as displayed in this scouting report, he has the skillset and abilities to make an impact long-term.

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