Will the Bengals pick Ja’Marr Chase or Penei Sewell fifth overall?

Bengals Twitter has devolved into quite the war zone in 2021. Those who want the team to pick Penei Sewell (“Team Sewell”) and those who want Ja’Marr Chase (“Team Chase”) have at this point fully staked their claims, while a minority of fans stake out “Team Pitts” or “Team Trade" territory. A trade seems increasingly unlikely, as Bengals’ Director of Player Personnel Duke Tobin downplayed the idea in a recent podcast. Indeed, barring anything shocking, it seems that either Penei Sewell or Ja’Marr Chase will go to the Bengals with the fifth overall pick. In this post I’d like...

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Lee Schlosser grew up in a Steelers family in Western PA. When he was eleven years old, he became enchanted by tiger striped unis, a quarterback named Boomer and a running back named Ickey, and having no basic sense of history or geography fell in love with the Bengals. Thanksgivings are awkward to this day. Following a team typically out of the playoff race by November led him to a love for the NFL draft, which he has been following meticulously for over 25 years.
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