Christmas Wish Lists: AFC East

It’s that time of year again, folks. The weather’s getting colder, the days are getting shorter, and people are feeling festive…Christmas is coming for everyone, including teams in the AFC East.  

First of all, the NFL regular season is coming to a close. The dream will be over for another year for 20 teams and it will officially be time to look ahead to the 2020 season. But most importantly it means GIFTS!

Whether we’re giving them or receiving them, everyone loves gifts. I’ve already made my list of what I’ll be asking Santa for this Christmas and today I’ll be looking at what’s on top of each AFC East team’s Christmas list this year. 

AFC East: New England Patriots

Bill Belichick looks just like the sort of guy who loves Christmas, you know the one…puts his Christmas tree up as soon as Halloween is over. Leaves his lights up all year, ready to be turned on at a moment’s notice. Exactly. Well, this year he’s not asking for much, he just loves this time of year.

Typically, December and January is when the Patriots thrive, football when it really it matters. The keys behind this? Belichick and Brady. No doubt that Belichick has been on fire again this season, masterminding one of the best defenses in the whole of the NFL…but Tom Brady? He’s not looked like his old self AT ALL this season.

That’s why the Patriots are asking Santa, not for an upgrade or a new model… no, no, no, on the contrary… they want an old version of Tom Brady for Christmas. One that’s going to help them march through the playoffs and to another Super Bowl Ring.

AFC East: New York Jets

The Jets have a whole plethora of things on their Christmas list this year. A true no.1 receiver, a new franchise left tackle, a lockdown corner and top tier pass rusher. They’ll be picking high enough in the draft to tick one of those things off their list, at least.

But the issues in the organisation come from the top and that’s why at the top of their list is a new head coach. Adam Gase, ain’t it man. The offense has regressed under the so-called “offensive head coach” and there are murmurs of discontent coming from the locker rooms at MetLife Stadium.

The Jets front office and owner have reportedly backed Gase through the 2020 but that doesn’t mean a new Head Coach shouldn’t be top of their Christmas list. At the end of the day, you don’t ask… you don’t get.

AFC East: Buffalo Bills

No doubt about it, the Buffalo Bills are on Santa’s good list this year. The team has outperformed what most people had expected from them at the start of the season, they’ve got a great, young core of players and Josh Allen has showed some significant progression as a Quarterback this season.

As it stands they’re on track for a wildcard place in the playoffs this season, but how good would it be to knock the Patriots off their AFC East perch?

They’re a game back from New England and they still have to face each other in week 16. The Bills are asking for a W over New England in week 16 and another Miami Miracle in week 17 that seems them clinch the AFC East title and *whispers* end the Brady reign of dominance in the AFC East.

AFC East: Miami Dolphins

Another team with a list as long as your arm for Santa this year. Conversely to their AFC East rivals in the Jets, though, Miami have one key piece in place…Coach Brian Flores.

What coach Flores has achieved this season with the resources made available to him is nothing short of a miracle. He’s fostered a culture and belief in a limited roster that has seen them pull three wins out of the bag so far this season. Tank for Tua was the tagline attached to this season for the Dolphins, but with a) The Dolphins winning too many games and b) Tua’s dreadful hip injury…Tank for Tua now looks in jeopardy.

With Joe Burrow looking a near lock to go to the Bengals at no.1 overall, the Dolphins will still be in search of a franchise Quarterback to take the team to the next level.

That’s why top of Chris Grier’s and Brian Flores’s Christmas list is a positive medical report regarding Tua’s hip. If Tua’s health is deemed sufficient for him to return to a level his on-field talent indicates he can reach, he wold be the perfect Quarterback for the Miami Dolphins.

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