Christmas Wish Lists: NFC East

Today, we move onto the NFC and we’ll be starting with the worst (or maybe even the best depending on what way you look at it) division in the NFL this season…the NFC East.

Two teams are likely to be picking in the top-5 in April’s draft in the New York Giants and the Washington Redskins. They’ve both been working in rookie quarterbacks this season, and both could do with a massive helping hand from Santa this Christmas.

The other two teams, the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys, are battling it out to win the division. Both teams have their issues, that’s for sure, and either could actually win the division with a losing record and become the least convincing divisional winner this season.

NFC East: New York Giants

The Giants have holes all over their roster that need to be filled in the off-season. Rumors are swirling that they could fire head coach Pat Shurmur, so a new head coach will be at the top of their list of needs.

Unfortunately for them, they can only put one thing at the top of their Christmas lists. For now and until they know for sure they’ll be looking for a new head coach, they’re going to put a true blue-chip prospect at the top of their Christmas list. Don’t over think it Giants, take the best player in the 2020 NFL draft: Chase Young.

With Joe Burrow likely going to the Bengals at No. 1-overall and the Giants currently sitting at No. 2 in the draft order, they’ll be able to take the best-overall player in Young. The Heisman Trophy finalist is a force coming off the EDGE. He can do it all, rush the passer and defend the run. He’s got size. He’s got the technique. He’s explosive and athletic. I’ll stop there because I could talk about this guy all day. He’s firmly entrenched as the New York Giants’ top wish this Christmas.

NFC East: Washington Redskins

Can we ask for a new owner for Christmas? Can we ask for a new GM? You can ask, but you might not get it without an ownership change. Can we ask for a new head coach? Sure, and you’ll be getting one after firing Jay Gruden earlier in the season. But given that the job looks pretty unattractive right now, you’re unlikely to get one of the more highly regarded names.

Interim head coach Bill Callahan hasn’t done anything inspiring to earn the job on a full-time basis, so a new head coach will be installed at some point. But as we know they’re going to have a new guy incoming at the helm, we’ll put something else at the top of the Redskins Christmas list.

This organisation really doesn’t deserve anything nice for Christmas, given the way they’ve treated star tackle Trent Williams. However, the thing they’ll be asking for is a direct replacement for Trent Williams. Its splitting hairs between the three top tackles at the moment for me, but the guy who’s slightly on top (for now) is Georgia’s Andrew Thomas. The athletic left tackle is as good a replacement as you’ll find for Williams. Let’s just hope you treat this franchise tackle a little better, Washington.

NFC East: Philadelphia Eagles

A team tipped for another Super Bowl run before the season, the Eagles’ roster is still undoubtedly talented. Carson Wentz hasn’t had a great season but he’s still fine. The O-Line is very good, and the D-Line is good too.

The issue, for me, with the Eagles’ roster is that it’s pretty old and they’re missing a dynamic playmaker on the outside. They could with a corner on the back end, but they also need speed at receiver. Step right up, Henry Ruggs III. The Alabama receiver is arguably the fastest player in college football and may be the fastest guy in the class if he decides to enter the draft.

He’s more than just your stereotypical, deep-threat type. He’s a strong and physical player, with good hands and he’s electric after the catch. Ruggs is at the top of Philadelphia’s Christmas list and could be the spark needed to reignite this Philly offense.

NFC East: Dallas Cowboys

This is a pretty obvious one. The Dallas Cowboys are a 12-4 kind of team with a 4-12 kind of coach, which means they’ll probably finish around 8-8. Jason Garrett is holding this team back from achieving its full potential. His conservative style and refusal to modernize is a detriment to his talented team.

Cowboy’s owner Jerry Jones is like a little kid hinting to his mum that he wants a new, shiny bike for Christmas without actually asking for it. Jones’ comments in the media have indicated that he’ll be looking for a new head coach in the off-season. He’s all but said the words. The Cowboys are a flashy franchise. They’ll want the big shiny toy for Christmas. Who’s the hot name in coaching circles that everyone is talking about right now?

It’s Lincoln Riley out of Oklahoma. The young, offensive mastermind has coached the last two Heisman-winning quaterbacks and has just had his third Heisman nominee QB in three years. Riley would likely only leave Oklahoma for a big NFL job, and they don’t come much bigger than the Cowboys. It could be a match made in heaven and the key to truly unlocking all of this talent in Dallas. It would be the perfect Christmas gift the Cowboys and Jerry Jones.

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