Could We See An Unprecedented Number Of Athletes Enter The 2020 Supplemental Draft?

Brian Lamb
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With uncertainty continuing to grow amid the Coronavirus outbreak, one has to ask the following question. Could we see an unprecedented number of student athletes enter the 2020 Supplemental Draft in July?

In fact, Rob Paul of The Ledge Sports brought up this very topic several days ago.

What Is The Supplemental Draft?

The Supplemental Draft, per the NFL, is held in July for student athletes whose eligibility status has changed following the NFL Draft.  In other words, student-athletes that were eligible for the 2019 NFL Draft, but chose to return to school, could see their eligibility change.

I fully expect the NFL and the NCAA to address this issue prior to July’s 2020 Supplemental Draft. However, I do believe that we could see at least a few prospects to challenge the issue, regardless the ruling.  Big-12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby had this to say several weeks ago:

“If we’re not in college, we’re not having contests.”

This whole topic comes down to a very simple idea.

If colleges remain closed and classes are done virtually, then the Big-12, and presumably the rest of the NCAA, will not be playing games.  As a result, the eligibility for those athletes will have changed.

Looking Ahead To Those That Are Potentially Eligible

Travis Etienne, the Clemson running back that was considered by most to be a first-round prospect, as well as Alabama inside linebacker Dylan Moses are two athletes that would garner a first or second-round selection after opting to forego the 2020 NFL Draft and return to school.

In addition to these two athletes, dozens and dozens of prospects could throw their names into the hat if the NFL deems them to be eligible for the 2020 Supplemental Draft.

In closing, we could see an influx of talent enter the NFL in a few short months. While premature, the situation is almost sure to make things way more interesting before the 2020 NFL Season even begins.

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