Jake Fromm Getting Buzz From Interviews

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From the moment he stepped on the field in high school, many people knew that Jake Fromm was a special quarterback. Even at Georgia fans saw how good Fromm was leading them to a national championship appearance in 2018. Now it appears NFL teams are getting excited about Fromm as a prospect.

NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported that Fromm is buzzing after his interview with teams.

Quarterback coaches have been a fan of his for a reason. In the past, Fromm has shown to have high quarterback IQ and confidence in being a quarterback. An example is in the Netflix documentary, “QB1: Beyond the Lights”, he showed at the high school level how good he was.

Fromm won the starting quarterback job at Georgia as a freshman and was a starter for three season. Georgia went to the SEC Title game three times and made an appearance in the National Championship Game. Adding to his college legacy, Fromm threw for 8,236 yards with 78 touchdowns and just 18 interceptions.

Strengths of Fromm

Obviously, the positives that Fromm showed in college was his ability to take care of the football. He seemed to always know where to throw the football with accuracy. Even if his passes were not accurate, he rarely put the Bulldogs in compromising situations.

His leadership abilities also sets him apart from most quarterbacks. From the moment he stepped on the Georgia campus, Fromm put the team on his back. He led them out on the field and helped the team to one of the school’s best three year stretches in school history.

Confidence is a common trait scouts will find with Fromm which is why he was successful in the interviews. He knows exactly what to say to coaches in certain situations because he’s confident in himself. The quarterback position is the toughest position in football and requires a different kind of focus. He has strived on that since high school. He’s made for the spotlight and can handle most situations.

Weaknesses to Fromm

What’s holding back Fromm from being a first-round pick grade is his physical abilities. There are certain traits that NFL teams need from their quarterback these days that Fromm simply may not be best at. His arm strength has been a major concern for scouts. It’s to the point with many scouts believing it’s holding him back from being an elite quarterback.

His lack of mobility has also been a concern for scouts as well. Fromm will more likely want to take a sack instead of making plays with his legs. A modern NFL quarterback has to have some kind of mobility unless a team has a strong offensive line. He will need to join a team that has top talent along the offensive line in order to be successful.

Where does Fromm land?

It’s hard to tell since many have placed him from late first-round to third-round pick. The physical traits will have teams concerned, but after hearing about his interviews, Fromm might go higher than expected. It would be hard to believe that he could land in the first round, but a second round pick could be more likely. Fromm is an example of a great developmental quarterback. After a year or two on the bench, he could become a solid NFL starting quarterback.

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