Patriots’ Future QB is Not in 2020 NFL Draft

Anthony Miller
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Tom Brady’s reign as New England Patriots quarterback has come to an end after 20 seasons. This leaves the team with a large hole to fill at quarterback.

The Patriots currently have two quarterbacks on the roster to work with. Last year’s fourth round pick Jarrett Stidham is expected to be the starter as of right now. Stidham was drafted in the hopes of developing behind Brady for a few years before taking over. It appears that plan has moved up faster than expected.

The other quarterback on the roster is a familiar name in Brian Hoyer. After 12 seasons in the NFL, Hoyer is going to New England for the third time in his career. He’s been inconsistent throughout his career as a starter, but has proven to be an effective backup. If the Patriots needed him to start, Hoyer could step in and help the team. The question will be does the team believe either one can start?

What the Draft Provides for the Patriots

Options at quarterback are there for the Patriots entering the NFL Draft. They can either draft their quarterback at number 23 in the first round or wait until the third round to pick a quarterback. With no second round pick, it leaves him with limited options. They could potentially trade their three third round picks to get back into the second round. It seems unlikely as the team’s philosophy in the draft is trade back and add draft picks.

Quarterbacks that could land to the Patriots include Jake Fromm, Jacob Eason, Nate Stanley, Jalen Hurts, and Anthony Gordon. All these quarterbacks could potentially become good quarterbacks in the NFL, but all need development and time. That could be what the Patriots want.

Fromm fits well with the Patriots being a pocket passer as a high IQ player who’s accurate with the football. Eason has a rocket arm who needs development within the pocket when pressure comes. Stanley has the size and accuracy with concerns surrounding his arm strength and athleticism. Hurts is athletic, but needs work with his accuracy within the pocket. Gordon can sling the ball around, but being in the Air Raid offense can’t prepare a quarterback for the NFL.

Is the Patriots’ Franchise Quarterback in the Draft?

That remains to be seen. Picking at 23 doesn’t help their chances at landing an elite starting quarterback. Their best shot is drafting Fromm since four quarterbacks are projected to go in the top 20. Fromm makes the most sense to run a Bill Belichick offense. The issue is the team must decide if they are in a win now mode or rebuilding mode.

The talent appears to be there on the roster for New England. It would be hard to believe that Belichick would want to start over from scratch. Fans can assume that the Patriots are all in on winning.

If the team can’t land Joe Burrow, Tua Tagovailoa, Justin Herbert, or Jordan Love, it might be safe to avoid quarterback in the first round. Waiting until the third round or trading up in the second round might make more sense for the team. Expect the team to sign a veteran quarterback in free agency and possibly draft a quarterback for development. It would be hard to believe they find their future quarterback in this draft.

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