Prospect Fight Night: Week 6

Welcome to week 6 of prospect fight night! This week we’ll check out the performance of two highly touted quarterback prospects that squared off against each other as well as two talented receivers from the Big 12. Fighting on the Under-card tonight we have Texas Tech wide receiver, T.J. Vasher and Oklahoma State wide receiver, Tylan Wallace. Without further ado, let’s get into the fight.


Coming into this game, Oklahoma State was ranked #21 in the country, while Texas Tech was unranked. Tylan Wallace is one of the more well-known receivers in college football, as he consistently produces week after week. T.J. Vasher, however, is a little bit more on the unknown side of things. According to the Oklahoma State roster, Tylan Wallace is 6 feet tall, and weighs 185-pounds. Even if he isn’t the biggest player on the field, he can play like he is. Wallace is strong in contested catch situations and plays like a true outside receiver. His opponent, T.J. Vasher, is listed at 6 foot 6, 209-pounds. Vasher uses his size to his advantage. The strength of his game is 50/50 catches and can turn those 50/50 catches to 70/30 catches. Now that we have a background on both players, let’s see how they performed in the game. Wallace finished the game with 11 reception for 85-yards and 1 touchdown. Vasher finished with 5 receptions for 110-yards and 1 touchdown. Looking at these stats it’s clear to see the role each player has in their respective offense. Wallace, being the smaller player, has more ability to get manufactured touches and will get the ball more than someone who is 6-6. Because of that, some of those receptions might be in short yardage situations. On the other hand, Vasher’s strength is catching the contested ball downfield. Even though Vasher only had 5 catches, it’s clear to see each one came a decent distance downfield; he averaged 22 yards per catch. Each player did their thing in this game and played very well. However, there must be a winner.


And the winner is…

T.J. Vasher!


Each player helped their team immensely but, in the end, Texas Tech ended up pulling off the upset and Vasher seemed to be a big part of their offense. Now it’s time for the main event!


Welcome to the main event! Fighting out of the blue corner we have the quarterback from Utah State, Jordan Love! Fighting out of the yellow corner, we have the quarterback from LSU, Joe Burrow! Coming into the season, the consensus on these quarterbacks was that Jordan Love had all the upside and was ready to make a leap as a potential first round prospect. Joe Burrow wasn’t getting much hype and his stock was stagnant. However, that has changed completely. Joe Burrow is currently one of the hottest players in all of college football, his season is propelling him into the first-round conversation. Jordan Love, on the other hand, is playing just about the same as last season. Love makes some beautiful throws now and again, but he’ll throw 3 interceptions and make some poor decisions in between those throws. His game against LSU was his only real test and people were hoping he would perform well to boost his stock. Instead, he played no differently than against his typical group-of-5 competition. He made some great throws, but he threw 3 interceptions. Joe Burrow kept up his level of play and played an incredible game once again. Burrow threw for 344-yards and 5 touchdowns. Love came into the year as a potential first-round prospect and Burrow entered the year as a quarterback with a lot of questions. Now, the cases have flipped. Now we must declare a winner.


And the winner is…


Joe Burrow!


This shouldn’t be a shock to anyone. Burrow has been lights out this year and has really proved why he should be considered a top QB in this year’s draft. Burrow has risen to QB3 on my board and doesn’t show signs of slowing down.


Thanks for reading this week! Come back next week for some great match-ups!

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