Ranking Justin Herbert Among Senior Bowl Quarterbacks

Recently, big news was released that Oregon quarterback, Justin Herbert, will be attending the Reese’s Senior Bowl.

Playing a position like quarterback, top-tier players at the position typically leave for the NFL as juniors and we don’t get to see how they perform at all-star games like the Senior Bowl.

However, this year is different. Joe Burrow, Justin Herbert, Jordan Love, and Jalen Hurts are all eligible for the Senior Bowl. Now that Hebert has said he will be going to the game, we have three top quarterback prospects attending the game.

After returning for his senior year, Herbert was aiming for a big year with the Ducks, and he delivered. Just a few weeks removed from winning a Pac-12 Championship and the Rose Bowl, Herbert prepares to display his game to NFL evaluators. Let’s take a quick look at what people should expect from Herbert.

Justin Herbert – The Good:

The throw above shows where Herbert wins on a consistent basis. Arm strength is the name of his game. On this throw, Herbert stands in the pocket under pressure, and while he is getting hit, he delivers a perfect ball over the middle of the field.

The fact that he can make this throw without being able to follow through is very impressive. Herbert has the arm strength you want to see in an NFL prospect.

Justin Herbert – The Bad:

In this play, Herbert just misreads the play. He sees the wide receiver seemingly get separation on the receiver, but that isn’t the case. The defender is able to get in a trail position. By doing so, he now has the ability to jump the route and make a play on the ball, and that’s exactly what he does. As Herbert releases the ball, the corner steps up and intercepts it.

If Hebert wanted to complete this ball, he would’ve needed to throw the ball over the top of the receiver, but he wasn’t able to due to the safety patrolling the middle of the field. The problem with this throw is the read. Herbert had a very tight window to fit this ball in, and he couldn’t do it.

Where he ranks:

As soon as he announced he was playing in the senior bowl, he became the best quarterback on roster. For each flaw he has, he has a positive to match. His arm talent is phenomenal and will be the big reason teams are attracted to him as a prospect.

Herbert will be a 1st round pick in April, and going to the senior bowl tells me that he is trying to work his way into the top-10, and as we all know, anything can happen in Mobile.

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