Redrafting the 2010 NFL Draft 10 years later

David Fernandez
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Redrafting the 2010 NFL Draft

Across all professional sports, franchises look back at draft decisions and sometimes shudder. Every team makes mistakes. The draft is an inexact science. But some mistakes cost general managers and coaches their jobs, while others set franchises back for years. Look at Oakland’s selection of Jamarcus Russell No. 1 overall in 2007. Here, we’ll go back ten years, redrafting the 2010 NFL draft.

After 10 years, it’s easy to look back and see the mistakes. Although not every team botched their first-round pick, many missed the mark completely. Of the 32 players selected in the first round, less than have been the primary starter at their position for the team. And exactly half (16) made at least one Pro Bowl appearance.

The 2010 NFL Draft included superstars like Rob Gronkowski, Jimmy Graham and Antonio Brown. But none of them were drafted in the first round. Brown, at one time arguably the best receiver in the league, fell to the sixth round.

This draft also featured busts in the first round, like Sam Bradford going No. 1 overall, Rolando McClain being the first linebacker selected (No. 8), and Denver’s selection of Tim Tebow (No. 25).  

The 2010 NFL Draft saw three of the top four picks come from the Oklahoma Sooners, and five of the top six were from the Big 12 Conference. In the last five drafts, the Big Twelve had three top-10 picks total.

The draft also saw two players from both Georgia Tech and Rutgers selected in the first round. Georgia Tech has produced a total of three first rounders since 2000. There’s only been one other first round pick from Rutgers in program history.

11 trades involving first round picks took place, dramatically altering the selection process. Denver was involved in dealing six different first round choices. Baltimore, Carolina, Chicago and Minnesota all went without a first rounder. For the sake of this discussion, the order will remain as it stood in 2010 and will generally operate under best-player-available standards.

So here’s a look at how we envision redrafting the 2010 NFL draft.

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