Small School Scouting: Lehigh RB Dominick Bragalone

Chris Ross
Contributor to NFL Draft Lounge, part of the ISN Sports Network. Chris has been covering the NFL Draft since 2014 and is always down to talk sports. You can follow him on Twitter, @ChrisRossJr

When it comes to the NFL Draft, big school players dominate the headlines. Are you from Alabama, Clemson, or any other big-time program? Chances are you have a built-in advantage over players from the smaller schools. But while these players get the bulk of the attention, there are always small-school guys worth an NFL look. On that note, let’s take a look at one of those small-schoolers; Lehigh RB Dominick Bragalone.

Bragalone, a bruising 5’11”, 230 pound running back, had a bit of a down season in 2018, but make no mistake, this is a legitimate NFL prospect. As a school-record breaking player, Bragalone’s strength on the field is something that often stands out. It’s always refreshing to see a running back that’s willing to run through contact, and that’s something Bragalone truly excels at. Obviously, Bragalone has a ton of work to do before he’s considered anywhere close to the same player as Marshawn Lynch, but turn on the tape and the comparison is easy to see.

It’s not all about the power, however, and luckily for him, Bragalone is an exceptional overall athlete in addition to his strength. With excellent speed for his size and some decent movement skills in space, Bragalone has straight up dominated his small school peers at times and though he won’t have the same athletic advantage moving forward, I think it’s obvious he has pro-level athletic ability.

All in all, Dominick Bragalone is a guy that NFL teams would be foolish to not at least have their eyes on. I’m not saying he’s a sure-fire superstar but Bragalone can make an impact in the NFL. All it takes is a chance.


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