Peyton Manning

Drafting a Quarterback No. 1: Boon, Bust or In Between

With the 2020 NFL Draft quickly approaching, it seems more and more likely that a quarterback will be the No. 1 pick. Drafting a quarterback first overall has happened 33 times in the 53 years of the NFL Draft in the common era.  Halfbacks were once the most sought after collegiate players, being drafted No. 1 six times in the first ten years. But in recent years, drafting a quarterback has become the way to go. 15 times in the last 25 years a quarterback has gone No. 1 overall.  But with the first pick comes the most risk. Sometimes, the...

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Bailey Zappe: NFL Draft On the Rise Prospect

.Although the Houston Baptist University football team struggled in their shortened 2020 season, their quarterback Bailey Zappe began his...

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