Texas Tech’s TJ Vasher Has An NFL Frame

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Texas Tech wide receiver TJ Vasher was a two sport athlete in high schools he participated in football and basketball. According to Texas Tech, he measures in at 6’6 and 215 pounds. With a frame like that, it’s clear why he received offers in both sports. However, he opted to play football for Texas Tech. Through three years of production, TJ Vasher has proven to be a threat along the sidelines and in the redzone. In this summer scouting report, we’ll examine TJ Vasher’s background and look at how he found his way to Texas Tech. Next, we’ll turn on the tape as we breakdown his game film and examine his strengths and weaknesses. Finally, we’ll look ahead to the 2021 NFL Draft and work to predict where his draft stock will end up.

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The Background

Attended S.H. Rider High School in Wichita Falls, Texas where he was a three-year varsity football player. Additionally, Vasher was a two-time Associated Press 5A All-State player in football and basketball. Out of high school, Vasher was a consensus four-star recruiting prospect. Prior to selecting Texas Tech, TJ Vasher had offers from Ohio State, Ole Miss, and University of Houston. In February of 2016, Vasher signed his letter of intent, followed by enrolling in June of that year.

In the season opener against Stephen F. Austin, Vasher caught two passes for nine yards. Following a short appearance in 2016, Vasher was awarded a medical redshirt following an injury.

In 2017, TJ Vasher saw an expanded role in the Texas Tech offense. In nine games, he finished with 29 receptions for 545 receiving yards and 6 touchdowns. The 2018 season saw an increase in receptions as he hauled in 54 catches for 687 yards and 7 touchdowns.

Last season, TJ Vasher served a two-game suspension for a Texas Tech team rules violation. Despite that, he was still able to finish the season with 42 receptions for 515 receiving yards and 6 touchdowns.

On the next page, we’ll turn on the tape as we continue on with our scouting report of Texas Tech wide receiver TJ Vasher.


What I Like About TJ Vasher

As with all of our scouting reports, we like to include a few plays that highlight strengths in a player’s abilities. Below, you’ll find a few clips that do just that. TJ Vasher wears number 9 for Texas Tech, but I’ll do my best to point him out on screen. For the first clip, we stay in Lubbock as the Red Raiders host UTEP.


Creating Separation At Line of Scrimmage

TJ Vasher is lined up at the top of your screen here. As the quarterback snaps the ball, Vasher does an excellent job of creating space off the line of scrimmage. A quick fake inside opens up the hips of the defender, which Vasher is able to capitalize off of as he gets upfield in a hurry. Had the quarterback thrown the ball his way, I’m confident that he would have been able to utilize his large frame to make a play on the ball.


Creating Separation At The Top of The Route

On this play, TJ Vasher is lined up at the bottom of your screen. As he progresses through the stem of the route and works upfield, he does a solid job to create space as he breaks out of his route. To accomplish this, Vasher executes a head fake, followed by a solid foot plant to explode out of his break. To top of this effort, TJ Vasher does a very good job of working between coverage along the sideline.


High Point Catches Along The Sideline

On this play below, you’ll find TJ Vasher lined up as the middle receiver on the left side of the formation for Texas Tech. At the snap, Vasher does a solid job of creating space for the quarterback to place the ball along the sidelines, which is also known as controlling the redline. This pass is placed quite well so that Vasher is the only one that can make play on the ball, which he does. If not for an excellent job by the defender to push TJ Vasher out of bounds, it’s likely a touchdown for the Texas Tech Red Raiders.


What I Dislike About TJ Vasher

On the previous page, we highlighted TJ Vasher’s strengths. As with all of our scouting reports here at NFL Draft Lounge, we’ll spotlight weaknesses in his game below. For the first clip below, we’ll head to Tucson for a game against the University of Arizona.


Downfield Blocking

On the play below, Vasher is lined up at the bottom of your screen. His role here is to block the defender as the running back breaks through the trenches. However, as he’s approaching the defender, Vasher isn’t aggressive enough to establish leverage. Instead, the defender is able to shed the block and attack the ball carrier.


Catching Consistency

On the right side of the screen, TJ Vasher is lined up in man-to-man for Texas Tech. As we’ve seen on the previous page, Vasher does well with high-pointing catches and using his tall frame to make plays over defenders. However, he fails to do so on this play. Instead, it’s a costly incomplete pass. I just want to see him play with the consistency of someone his size.


The Competition

Currently, I have TJ Vasher with a late round grade. Vasher has shown flashes of an NFL-caliber player, but has failed to produce a breakout season. In my opinion, the 2020 season is an important one for Vasher. If he’s able to remain on the field for the full season, and increase his production, we could see as high of a fourth round grade on him.

While there are few players of his size in this upcoming draft class, one that he could be competing against is Brennan Eagles from the University of Texas. Eagles is listed at 6’4 and 225 pounds, and only a Junior, but both play with similar styles.


The Verdict

TJ Vasher has an impressive frame that should serve him well in the NFL. While he doesn’t display the same level of athleticism and speed as others at his position, he more than makes up for it with his ability to play over the defenders. As I’ve pointed out in this scouting report, TJ Vasher is an NFL Draft prospect that front offices could target late in this draft.

Jim Nagy, the Executive Director of the Reese’s Senior Bowl recently placed the spotlight on Vasher as someone that he would like to see participate in the game in January. If he chooses to do so, and can show NFL scouts that he’s able to take to coaching quickly, he could rise up draft boards.

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