Top 10 Quarterbacks in the 2020 NFL Draft

The 2020 NFL Draft is around the corner, teams have their board set, everyone is polishing their rankings, and I’m no different. This year I chose to put all my focus on the quarterback position, so I could allocate the time needed to make a fair and educated opinion on this quarterback class. Specifically, the top 10 quarterbacks.

In the upcoming days I will be posting individual articles of every quarterback in my watchlist, I haven’t written on yet. The film and grading part of each one is set, only thing left is to put it into an article someone wants to read.

Grades are out of 100 but it’s basically impossible for a player to get a 100 grade. With partial grades, 90+ is truly elite and very rare, ~80+is great, 75+ is good/above average, ~70+ is average, 60+ it’s a bit weak or below average. The grading system is explained in better depths here.

Let the top 10 quarterback countdown begin!

QB10: Cole McDonald, Hawaii

Cole McDonald (13)
  • Overview: McDonald has a pretty strong arm capable of making really tough throws and he is also an amazing athlete. When everything lines up he shows great potential and flashes of brilliance. Yet he is a very raw prospect. He has concerning decision-making ability, inconsistent accuracy, footwork, struggles with pocket movement and for a guy of his athletic abilities he really doesn’t evade rushers.
  • Biggest Strength: Athleticism
  • Biggest Weakness: Decision making
  • Accuracy Grade: 76,06
  • Tools Grade:78,30
  • Fundamentals Grade:69,27
  • Mental Grade: 68,67
  • Final Grade: 72,34 (6th Round)
  • Comp: Geno Smith (West Virginia)

QB9: Anthony Gordon, Washington State

Quarterback comps
Anthony Gordon could be a Day 2 pick. (Photo Credit: USA Today/Snook)
  • Overview: Gordon is a big-armed QB with a very fast release and decent accuracy overall (hits and misses but shows good ball placement at times). He can throw from a variety of arm slots and angles, he is a guy that goes through progressions, taking the check-down when the play dictates it. Gordon has terrible footwork (looks like he puts 0 effort into it) and throws with only his arm, most times, he has to improve his weight-transfer on throws too, it will result in more consistent results right now he is too reliant on his natural arm strength. Pocket movement is non-existent at times, and he isn’t an eluder of sacks. His weight worries me (199 pounds in a 6’2 frame).
  • Biggest Strength: Quick Release
  • Biggest Weakness: Everything hip down.
  • Accuracy Grade: 78
  • Tools Grade: 77
  • Fundamentals Grade: 63,02
  • Mental Grade: 71,56
  • Final Grade: 72,41 (6th Round)

QB8: Jake Fromm, Georgia

Photo by AP
  • Overview: Fromm’s a QB that comes with a lot of pedigree, he goes through progressions and makes the right pre-snap read. He is sound fundamentally (both footwork and mechanics), his accuracy is OK within his limitations. Shows good poise under pressure. Fromm has probably the weakest arm from this group of quarterbacks and that’s something that affects his deep accuracy since he loses steam on his throws past a certain distance. He is also not a good athlete posting a 1.96 RAS SCORE that is probably among the lowest ever for a quarterback, especially one that projects to be drafted, this shows on his ability on the run as well as his pocket movement and ability to avoid a sack.
  • Biggest Strength: Pre-Snap Awareness
  • Weaknesses: Tools. All of them.
  • Accuracy Grade: 72,62
  • Tools Grade: 58,83
  • Fundamentals Grade: 77,88
  • Mental Grade: 75,31
  • Final Grade: 73,15 (5th Round)
  • Comp: Matt Barkley (USC)

QB7: Jalen Hurts, Oklahoma
  • Overview: As a passer right now, Hurts isn’t great at anything but he also doesn’t have any glaring weaknesses, he is either average or above average in pretty much every category. He is very athletic, a good runner, that keeps more options than he probably should, but the offense still was effective. Hurts escapes the pressure well and well my favorite part about him is his genuine passion for football, his work ethic, and leadership. He doesn’t keep his eyes down the field when extending the play, focusing mainly on a scramble, he also needs more refinement in his anticipation throws. He tends to escape clean pockets and is a bit slow on reads, the NFL will have much smaller windows and less time to process than the BIG 12. Overall I would bet on Hurts the person to evolve as a player and probably end up better than guys ranked ahead of him on this list. You need to be a hard-working film rat to succeed in the NFL and for everything I’ve heard, that seems to be the case with Jalen Hurts.
  • Biggest Strength: Athleticism
  • Biggest Weakness: Speed on reads.
  • Accuracy Grade: 75,75
  • Tools Grade: 82,33
  • Fundamentals Grade: 76,15
  • Mental Grade: 69,53
  • Final Grade: 74,49(4rd Round/ Late 3rd)
  • Comp: Cam Newton (without a supersoldier serum)

QB6: Jacob Eason, Washington

Redshirt junior Jacob Eason may declare for the 2020 NFL Draft. (Photo credit: Abbie Parr/Getty Images)
  • Overview: Eason is big, tall, accurate, has good fundamentals (both footwork and mechanics) and a huge arm. He is very dubitative on throws that require a second read, forces things under pressure and tends to lock on to one receiver sometimes. Not great evading pressure has only one move in his arsenal, a spin-out. A below-average athlete overall. A prototypical QB to develop has the tools you would want for a pocket passer, he is just too green. His HC left so I get why he declared, but he could’ve used an extra year.
  • Biggest Strength: Arm Strength
  • Weaknesses: Reads.
  • Accuracy Grade: 79,75
  • Tools Grade: 79,25
  • Fundamentals Grade: 82,59
  • Mental Grade: 68,75
  • Final Grade: 76,66 (3rd Round)
  • Comp: Matt Stafford light

Now we move on to the top five of our top 10 quarterbacks list!

QB5: Nate Stanley, Iowa

Nate Stanley, the overlooked passer from Iowa. Credits: Tom Brew:
  • Overview: Stanley greatly improved from 2017. Surprisingly clean footwork and mechanics. He has a strong arm and good accuracy, especially in mid to deep throws. Even with his limited athleticism, he’s good enough on the move. He shows his multi-year starting experience with his cerebral play, showing that he can make full-field reads quickly and often. Struggles under heavy pressure (as shown in the Michigan game). He is not elusive nor fast and doesn’t evade rushers. Could improve short accuracy a bit, will sometimes stay longer than he should in the pocket and sometimes is a bit oblivious in the face of pressure sometimes.
  • Biggest Strength: Fundamentals
  • Biggest Weakness: Athleticism
  • Accuracy Grade: 77,68
  • Tools Grade: 76,41
  • Fundamentals Grade: 79,71
  • Mental Grade: 76,25
  • Final Grade: 77,20 (2nd round)

QB4: Justin Herbert, Oregon

2020 NFL Draft Quarterbacks
Justin Herbert could be a top 10 player in the 2020 NFL Draft (Photo Credit: Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
  • Overview: Herbert is a very prototypical type QB being 6’6 with a cannon arm. He is very also athletic and has pretty accurate both in the pocket and on the move. Throws a beautiful ball with a tight spiral, and impressive velocity. He offers zero escapability and is a sitting duck on the pocket when facing pressure. Herbert does trust his arm too much and forces very tight windows when there are easier throws to make. He has been hindered by an uncreative and boring offense at Oregon with not much talent at skill positions (compared with others in this class) and a scheme that tried to hide him instead of highlighting him.
  • Biggest Strength: Arm talent.
  • Biggest Weakness: Forcing reads.
  • Accuracy Grade:78,38
  • Tools Grade: 82,28
  • Fundamentals Grade: 77,88
  • Mental Grade: 78,28
  • Final Grade: 78,67 (Late 1st round/ early 2nd)
  • Comp: Mix of Tannehill and Bradford

QB3: Jordan Love, Utah State
  • Overview: Love is the only QB with an elite partial grade in this entire QB class. That’s how amazing his tools are. On top of that he has pretty good ball placement and accuracy, believe it or not. This consistency with his ball placement is rooted in his footwork, which I think is underrated. He has cannon for an arm and can really sling it on the run. He also has good sack avoidance and sports very good athleticism. His potential to me is the biggest in this class. He does have concerning decision-making, you may have heard about his 17 INTs (ugh) but there is a lot more than his questionable decisions at times in his tape. I do question his actual ability to dissect defenses. That answer only lies with those who interviewed him, so I can only speculate.
  • Biggest Strength: Tools and potential
  • Biggest Weakness: Decision-making
  • Accuracy Grade: 80,56
  • Tools Grade: 91,5
  • Fundamentals Grade: 84,03
  • Mental Grade: 71,64
  • Final Grade: 79,57 (Late 1st round)

QB2: Tua Tagovailoa, Alabama

Tua Tagovailoa
Credit: Getty Images

Luckily, I’ve already written an in-depth piece on Tua, that goes in greater lengths since it’s an individual piece focused on him.

  • Accuracy Grade: 81,12
  • Tools Grade: 83,42
  • Fundamentals Grade: 87,30
  • Mental Grade: 76,02
  • Final Grade: 81,05 (1st round)

QB1: Joe Burrow, LSU

LSU’s Joe Burrow is the presumptive No. 1 pick for the in the 2020 NFL Draft. (Photo Credit: John Amis/Associated Press)

Luckily, I’ve already written an in-depth piece on Burrow, that goes in greater lengths since it’s an individual piece focused on him.

  • Accuracy Grade: 86,19
  • Tools Grade: 82,5
  • Fundamentals Grade: 87,69
  • Mental Grade: 85,78
  • Final Grade: 85.97 (Top 5)

Honorable Mentions:

James Morgan, FIU (QB11)

Morgan has been rising up draft boards of late.

  • Accuracy Grade: 69,275
  • Tools Grade: 71,55
  • Fundamentals Grade: 64,32
  • Mental Grade: 72,03
  • Final Grade: 69,46 (7rd-UFA)

Brian Lewerke, Michigan State (QB12)

  • Accuracy Grade: 66,25
  • Tools Grade: 72,06
  • Fundamentals Grade: 76,82
  • Mental Grade: 64,68
  • Final Grade: 68,72(7rd-UFA)

If you have any questions with the rankings or anything, I’m an open book hit me up on twitter @Yourdraftguy.

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