2021 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Penei Sewell

Penei Sewell Scouting Report

After opting out of the 2020 college football season, Sewell is being considered a generational offensive tackle prospect by many. Dive into the Penei Sewell scouting report below for an in depth look into his game.

School: Oregon / Position: OT / Height: 6’6” / Weight: 325 / Class: Jr.

Games Watched: Cal (2019), Auburn (2019), Wisconsin (2019)

Pass Blocking: 

Incredibly advanced as a pass protector. Was Justin Herbert’s blindside protector and kept him clean with regularity. Can sometimes give a little too much ground to speed rushers but this is a very rare occurrence and something that can easily be coached out of a player of his caliber. Sewell operated most often out of a 45 degree set due to Oregon’s heavy RPO offense, however I would love to see him go to a team where he can vertical set more often. Has exciting potential as a vertical setter due to his athletic ability. Very talented in this area already. 

Run Blocking: 

Oregon consistently ran behind Sewell and he always came through in a big way. Whether it is executing reach blocks that would typically be challenging or simply mauling the guy in front of him, you can run behind him at a steady clip almost every time. It is obvious how much he relishes the physical side of the game when watching him run block. Always looks for more work as well which you always love to see. 


A special athlete at the position. Possess great speed for his size, doing well to get to all levels of the field quickly. Explodes out of his stance when necessary. Will be one of the best athletes at the position in the entire NFL. 


Easy strength. Just straight up controls the defender in front of him, effortlessly dictating the pace of the rep. When he gets his hands inside the defenders chest, the rep is over. Smaller edge rushers will get bodied often by him. 

Second Level: 

Gets to the second level with ease and dominates. Excellent in his ability to reach block and eliminate LB’s from the play. Elite on screens, simply follow him to the end zone. His athleticism really pops here. 


When he locks his feet down and gets his arms into the defenders chest he is almost immovable. Does a good job planting his feet in a way that allows him to keep his balance vs power rushers and control smaller guys. Hardly ever loses to a bull rush.  

Hand Usage: 

Easily is able to get his hands on the defender before they can reach him. Hits with a hard but well aimed first punch. Vise grip hands that control the defenders movement. Dominant in this aspect of his game 


While at Oregon, Sewell rarely had the opportunity to showcase this part of his game as he routinely dominated his competition. The NFL will be the only place he can refine this skill.  When this did happen, Sewell displayed incredible balance to either anchor his blocks or get himself back into the play. He is a good enough athlete to develop this aspect at the next level although he rarely will have to use it. 


One of the most aggressive football players on the field. Constantly looks for contact at all levels of the field and always wants to finish the block with his defender on the ground. Does well to find work after he finishes his initial block as well. 


Sewell, again, is incredibly advanced in this area. He never allows his feet to overlap and always gives himself a solid base to maintain his balance. My only complaint about this aspect of his game is his kick step at times is slightly shorter than is preferred. However, this is incredibly minor and can easily be taught by an NFL coaching staff. I would mostly attribute this too simply lacking experience doing it due to the offense he was in. 


Despite being only nineteen in his last collegiate season, Sewell displayed the traits to become a dominant offensive tackle at the next level. He combines his technical refinement with incredible athletic ability that is rarely seen from players at his position.  If he were to fail at OT or not live up to expectation, he could easily kick inside and become probably the best guard in the entire NFL.

After measuring with 33 ¼ “ arms at his Pro Day, many will be worried if he can last on the outside. The simple truth is that he can and will as no concerns were ever shown about his arms on tape. He has an argument as the best overall prospect in this year’s class and could very well become a top five player at his position and on many Pro Bowl teams. A truly elite prospect and likely the safest pick in the entire draft. 

Grade: Top Ten 

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