2022 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Arkansas WR Treylon Burks

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Treylon Burks and the Arkansas Razorbacks offense have been on a tear this season. They’re much improved this season, thanks in part to QB KJ Jefferson, who has opened up the field with his mobility. Burks has been called the best returning wide receiver in the SEC Conference, and his play this season has backed up those claims. In this 2022 NFL Draft scouting report, we’ll breakdown what makes Treylon Burks special, predict his 40 time, and explore his strengths and weaknesses.

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Treylon Burks 40 Time

I have Treylon Burks set to run a 40 time in the high 4.3 range, such as a 4.39. This would be above the league average of 4.48. On film, Burks has good speed off the line of scrimmage to accelerate upfield. Additionally, the defense plays several yards off of Burks to accommodate for his quickness. Finally, he plays with a great second gear once the ball is in his hands to breakaway from defenders in space.


Treylon Burks Injury History

The good news for NFL scouts is the Treylon Burks doesn’t have a lengthy injury history. Burks has been dealing with an undisclosed injury this season, but has not missed any playing time. Last season, Burks was injured against Mississippi State, in which he played just 12 snaps on offense. Additionally, Treylon Burks missed the next week’s game against Auburn.


Treylon Burks Scouting Report

  • Very Wide Catch Radius To Secure Passes Away From Body
  • Good Quickness To Beat Cornerbacks On Deep Routes Outside The Numbers
  • Fantastic Ability To Catch The Ball In Traffic Or With Defenders Looming
  • Inconsistent Effort On Blocking Assignments Out In Space
  • Tendency To Round Off Cuts Across The Middle Of The Field
  • Lacks A Consistent High-Motor Effort On Plays

Treylon Burks is a three-year wide receiver for the University of Arkansas. Burks is a versatile wideout that is lined up in multiple spots and is typically put in motion pre-snap. Has good speed and acceleration that is necessary for the position. Displays a good ability to fight through pressure at the line of scrimmage and through the stem to accelerate upfield. Has good burst at the top of his route to explode out and create space. Burks has a very good catch radius to catch passes away from his body. Additionally, he’s able to climb the ladder and catch balls above his frame.

Burks is a smart receiver and does a great job of identifying zone and finding gaps in coverage. Downfield, Burks does a fantastic job of tracking the ball and locating it in traffic. Has a good ability to adjust his body and get his feet inbounds on catches along the sideline. Displays good use of hands to break tackles once he has the ball to remain upright. Great ability to find open holes after the catch to fight for additional yardage. Does a good job of locking out and steering defenders to create space when asked to block.

However, there are concerns in the scouting report for Treylon Burks. His blocking is inconsistent and he has a tendency to give up on blocks before the play is over. At times, Burks will round off some of his routes, giving up the space create from his quickness off the line of scrimmage. Finally, he has an inconsistent motor when he’s not the intended target and will give up on plays before they’re over.


Treylon Burks NFL Draft Projection

I have an early-second round grade on Treylon Burks in the 2022 NFL Draft. Additionally, I have Burks listed as the fourth overall receiver on our 2022 NFL Draft Top 200 Big Board. While it’s not a lock that Treylon Burks will declare for the upcoming NFL Draft, I think it is very likely. His skillset and abilities would translate very well into the next-level, which could propel him into the first round of the Draft.

In my opinion, Burks is a perfect fit for some of the best teams in the NFL, which is why I think that he could sneak into the first round. Look for him to end up on a team with a huge need for a receiver that can gain massive yardage after the catch. Additionally, Treylon Burks would be a great fit for running screens and designed runs.

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