2022 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Cincinnati WR Alec Pierce

After three seasons as Desmond Ridder’s top target in Cincinnati, Alec Pierce has officially declared for the 2022 NFL Draft. While he’s not considered to be one of the top wide receivers in this class, he’s still loaded with talent and possesses a high ceiling. Alec Pierce has accepted his invite to the 2022 Reese’s Senior Bowl, which should provide a boost to his draft stock. In this scouting report, we’ll breakdown how his skills and abilities will translate into the NFL.

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Alec Pierce 40 Time

Alec Pierce is rumored to post a 40 time in the low 4.4 range, such as a 4.42. If this is the case, Pierce would be above the league average for the position. He has a good combination of size and speed as well. In fact, speed should not be a concern for NFL scouts when evaluating Alec Pierce.


Alec Pierce Injury History

In 2020, Pierce suffered a knee injury that required him to get a knee scope. He would play in six games in 2020 and didn’t miss a game in 2021. He has remained healthy in recent seasons and it does not figure to be a problem going forward. However, knee problems are always alarming.


Alec Pierce Scouting Report

  • Good Combination Of Size And Speed
  • Contested Catch Ability
  • Body Positioning On Jump Balls
  • Route Running Is Limited And Raw
  • Needs To Add Weight To His NFL Frame
  • Lack Of Physicality

Alec Pierce is a three-year contributor for the Cincinnati Bearcats. As a wide receiver, Pierce typically lines up on the outside, which is where he makes most of his plays. He possesses good height and weight for the position when compared to the league average. Additionally, his predicted 40 time is slightly above average as well. A gifted athlete, Pierce posted a 45’11” in the triple jump while in high school. 

What instantly jumps off the tape from Pierce is his combination of athleticism and size. At 6’3”, he is also supremely fast. Rumored to run a 40 yard dash time in the 4.4’s, his speed shows up on tape as he is perfectly capable of running away from defensive backs. This separates him from other “big receivers” as he can create separation despite not running a wide array of routes. He is also, predictably, more than capable of corralling contested catches. Excellent at body positioning, he does a good job of timing his jump as well. 

For a player of Pierce’s size, it is expected that he would be more physical. In the times where he does lose contested-catch chances, it can often be traced back to a lack of physicality while the ball is in the air. For a long-limbed guy, his lack of physicality is often the reason he loses reps against press coverage as well. Adding some weight in the NFL will be a big help in this regard. Pierce also did not run a very expansive route tree while at Cincinnati either, often running just hitches, go’s, and over routes. While he found success on these routes, some variety will be required of him in the NFL. 

Alec Pierce NFL Draft Projection

Alec Pierce was basically a one-trick pony at the University of Cincinnati. When the Bearcats wanted to take a shot downfield, they would often look towards Pierce. In the NFL, he can certainly carve out a role being this type of receiver. However, he will have to put on weight in the pros so he can be more physical. While most teams would like to add a player with his physical profile, they will have to be committed to helping him build his frame. As such, I believe a day two selection will be perfect for Pierce who has a chance to raise his stock at the Senior Bowl. 


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2022 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Cincinnati WR Alec Pierce

After three seasons as Desmond Ridder's top target in Cincinnati, Alec Pierce has officially declared for the 2022 NFL...

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