2022 NFL Draft Scouting Report: LSU CB Derek Stingley Jr.

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As one of the best College Football players in the country, Derek Stingley Jr has made plays time and time again. In the offseason, Stingley Jr was awarded the no. 7 jersey, which is given to some of the best defenders in LSU history. While he may not return this season following a procedure on his foot, Stingley Jr is still expected be a top 2022 NFL Draft prospect. In this scouting report, we’ll breakdown what makes Derek Stingley jr so special, and how his skills and abilities will translate to the NFL.

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Derek Stingley Jr 40 Time

I have Derek Stingley Jr poised to run a 40 time in the 4.30 range. This 40 time would be well above the league average for the cornerback position. On film, Stingley Jr does a great job of sticking with receivers on downfield routes. Even when he is beat on a  route, his recovery ability and range are at a very high level. As a highly valued NFL Draft prospect, I’m very interested in the 10-yard split for Derek Stingley Jr when he posts his 40 time at the NFL Combine in March.


Derek Stingley Jr Injury History

Derek Stingley Jr missed three games last season, two of them due to a leg injury. This season, after starting three games for the LSU Tigers, Stingley Jr is out indefinitely following a medical procedure on his left foot. If Derek Stingley Jr declares for the 2022 NFL Draft, it will be interesting to see if teams have any concerns during the medical evaluation process.


Derek Stingley Jr Scouting Report

  • Excellent Ability To Shed Blocks And Attack Ball Downfield
  • Great Job Mirroring Quickness Off The Line Of Scrimmage
  • Good Ability To Tackle Ball Carriers In The Open-Field
  • Needs To improve Ability To Mirror Receivers As Plays Begin To Breakdown
  • Can Struggle Against Elusive Receivers In Space
  • Adequate Ability To Track The Ball Downfield Outside The Numbers

Derek Stingley Jr is a three-year starter for the LSU Tigers. Awarded the no. 7 jersey prior to the 2021 season. Stingley Jr is typically asked to cover the best receiver on the field on any given play, rather than one side of the field. Possesses good height and solid weight for the cornerback position. Has very good athleticism for the position, as well as fantastic acceleration and top end speed.

Stingley Jr has a good ability to mirror receivers quickness off the line of scrimmage. Solid mobility to cover area in zone coverage. Solid awareness to locate receivers in zone. Possesses a good ability to locate and attack fumbled balls. Has a good use of hands at the line of scrimmage to press the receiver and disrupt timing with the QB. He is very good at shedding blocks and attacking the ball in space. Displays a very good ability to leverage blocks in the open-field. Has a good tackling ability to bring down ball carriers with no help in space. Finally, he also has a good range to reach ball carrier from deep coverage.

Derek Stingley Jr has an adequate ability to mirror receivers as plays begin to breakdown. Displays a marginal ability to handle elusive receivers in space. Does an adequate job of tracking the ball downfield outside the numbers.


Derek Stingley Jr NFL Draft Projection

In my opinion, Derek Stingley Jr is a top five prospect in the 2022 NFL Draft. On our 2022 NFL Draft Top 200 Big Board, Stingley Jr is the third overall prospect. He’s a fantastic athlete with a body built for the NFL. While he does show some struggles to cover receivers in space, he has the athleticism and awareness to recover quite well.

I have Derek Stingley Jr struggling to begin his career. However, his upside long-term is the highest in this class. Furthermore, I don’t expect him to be left on an island to begin his career. However, with that being said, it’s my opinion that he will develop into that type of defensive prospect before his first contract is up.

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