2022 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Oregon CB Mykael Wright

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Once again, the University of Oregon is within range of the College Football Playoff. Their defense has been able to keep them in games this season, due in part to the team’s star corner Mykael Wright. During the recruiting process in 2019, Wright was one of the top prospects in the state of California. In this scouting report, we’ll breakdown what makes Mykael Wright a desired prospect in the 2022 NFL Draft, as well as how his skills and abilities will translate to the next level.

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Mykael Wright 40 Time

I have Mykael Wright projected to run a 40 time in the high 4.3 range. During the recruiting process in 2018, Wright ran a 4.48. Assuming that he’s become a better athlete, and will run quicker as he prepares for the NFL Combine, and I think a 4.3 time is achievable. On film, Mykael Wright has extremely good quickness and attack speed. He’s able to stay with speedy receivers on routes deep downfield. Additionally, it doesn’t look difficult for him to stay within an arm’s length on crossing routes or stop-n-go’s.


Mykael Wright Injury History

I’ve found that Mykael Wright has a clean injury history for the Oregon Ducks. He did suffer a wrist injury earlier this season, but was able to finish the game and did not miss any further playing time. If he declares for the 2022 NFL Draft, given that he’s only a junior this season, teams should get a green light during the medical process at the NFL Combine.


Mykael Wright Scouting Report

  • Has Elite Level Athleticism For The Position
  • Good Movement In Coverage That Allows Him To Break On Ball Quickly
  • Takes Efficient Angles Towards The Ball When Attacking The Ball Carrier
  • Relies Too Heavily On Physical Contact When His Man Is Intended Target
  • Can Struggle To Quickly Change Directions On Short And Intermediate Routes
  • Sloppy Ability To Track The Ball On Routes Outside The Numbers

Mykael Wright is a three-year contributor for the University of Oregon Ducks. Wright is a cornerback that is typically lined up opposite of the opponent’s best receiver, but also contributes on special teams a returner. Has solid height for the position in the NFL, but is a bit underweight. Has very good athleticism for the position, along with a 40-yard dash time that is above the league average.

Wright has a good ability to mirror receivers and stay within a good attack range. Additionally, he possesses a good ability to stay tight on receivers when pressing. Displays a solid ability to read the QB and drop in coverage when the ball is thrown to the opposite side of the field. Has a very good ability to climb the ladder and disrupt the catch on deep fades into the endzone. Possesses a very good ability to take efficient angles and chase down ball carriers on long runs outside the numbers. Displays a good ability to leverage the ball in space and keep the ball carrier inside. Has a very good range to get to the ball from his position in coverage quickly. Wright’s athleticism to stay with receivers on deep routes is good. Has good fluid movements in coverage to break on the ball quickly.

Mykael Wright can struggle at times with his change of direction to attack the ball carrier on intermediate curl routes. Inconsistent to get turned around and track the ball on intermediate and deep routes outside the numbers. He’s a defender that relies heavily on physical contact when his man is the intended target. Has a habit of sloppy technique when it comes to his use of hands at the line of scrimmage to stun the receiver in press coverage. I’d like to see him develop a more consistent technique to tackle the ball carrier. Finally, he needs to work on his ability to leverage the ball when he’s over the top in coverage.


Mykael Wright NFL Draft Projection

In my opinion, Mykael Wright is a second-round draft pick in the 2022 NFL Draft. His athleticism is some of the best I’ve seen at the position in this draft class. While he has his faults, I still believe that Mykael Wright is capable of becoming a top defensive back in the National Football League. Furthermore, Wright has shown significant improvement this season in his development.

I certainly want to see Mykael Wright rely less on physical contact when in coverage, especially given the likelihood of a penalty in the NFL. Ultimately, I still believe that a team in the NFL will draft Mykael Wright to anchor their secondary. Look for Wright to make giant strides in his second and third year in the league when it comes to his development and technique.

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