2021 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Brady Christensen

Brady Christensen Scouting Report

After a break out season for for BYU as a whole, much on the conversation surrounds their quarterback Zach Wilson. Dive into the Brady Christensen scouting report below to learn about his blindside protector.

School: BYU / Position: OT / Height: 6’6” / Weight: 300 / Class: rJr.

Games Watched: Houston (2020), Coastal Carolina (2020), San Diego St. (2020)

Pass Blocking: 

Often lining up in a vertical set, Christensen displays a good kick step allowing him to gain depth in his pass set. Has strong, powerful hands but at times finds himself lunging, leading to misses and balance issues. At times allows his feet to cross which also attributes to his balance issues while also leaving him susceptible to a bull rush. Has lots of potential to become better in this area. Limited athleticism does not bode well in the massive jump in competition from BYU to the NFL. 

Run Blocking: 

A below average run blocker, he tends to struggle with balance and catches himself lunging often and, at times, missing. When he gets his hands on the defender, has enough strength to win the rep but his lack of athleticism shows up here as well. Does a decent job of getting to the sideline, but is not an impactful player in this aspect. 


Is not a great athlete for the position. Struggles to move laterally with quickness and it shows when he faces faster edge rushers. Does not have the athletic ability to last on the edge in the NFL and some teams may want him to move inside to offensive tackle. 

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A strong player which helps to offset his athletic deficiencies. Can easily move players in the run game when he gets his hands on them. Does a great job of anchoring in his pass set, which is likely his best asset in pass protection. 

Second Level: 

Not great at getting to the second level and his athletic woes show up here often. Gives good effort to get to the sideline but simply does not have the quickness to get there, nor does he have the ability to make a difference when he gets there. 


Does a fantastic job of anchoring out of his kick step when faced with power rushers. Long frame allows him to get his hips square and stay upright. Does a good job of locking his hands inside the defenders pads. Against pass rushers with more counters and athletic ability, he may struggle more in this aspect. 

Hand Usage: 

Struggles with hand placement at times but has strong hands at the point of attack. When he gets the hands in the right spot, he can win the rep on strength alone. Will need to do a much better job of attacking in the run game as he currently lunges far too much, leading to him completely whiffing at times. 


Not a great athlete which contributes to his struggles in this area. Struggles to get back into the play when he is beat and oftentimes just falls down on his face. Will struggle against NFL edge players due to this. 


Christensen shows all the desire to be aggressive but does not always go about it in the right way. While he does not shy away from contact and does a good job of finding extra work, he often takes himself out of position by attacking too aggressively and falling over. Will need to keep himself more in control at the next level. 


Very spotty with his footwork. At times displays good footwork out of his vertical set, showing off a good kick step that allows him to gain proper depth. Is violent out of a more powerful 45 degree set as well. Then, at times, allows his feet to get crossed leaving him vulnerable to all sorts of moves. Also relating to his struggles with balance, often plays “over his toes” leading to quicker defenders running by him. 


Zach Wilson’s blindside protector, Brady Christensen is a player who needs refinement in his massive jump in competition. His struggles with balance and overall athleticism were evident even against some of the weakest competition that the NCAA has to offer. Has most of his experience working out of a vertical set and shows flashes of good footwork to complement his size, but at the NFL level will likely be relegated to a reserve role while he attempts to develop his game. 

Grade: Fourth Round 

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