2021 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Clemson OT Jackson Carman

Jackson Carman Scouting Report

After protecting Trevor Lawrence’s blindside for the last two years, Jackson Carman enters the NFL. With a likely selection on day two, dive into the Jackson Carman scouting report below to see his strengths, weaknesses and pro potential.

School: Clemson / Position: OL / Height: 6’5” / Weight: 345 / Class: Jr.

Games Watched: Miami (2020), Notre Dame (2020)

Pass Blocking: 

When projecting for Carman to move inside to guard, he becomes a better pass protector. When playing at tackle however, he operated mostly out of 45 degree sets to take advantage of his aggressiveness. Lacks the foot speed and timing to vertical set at the NFL level. Playing inside at guard will limit his lateral movement and keep him away from the more elite athletes that he saw on the edge. Will at times get grabby if he knows he is beaten. 

Run Blocking:

A total mauler in the run game, Carman loves moving defenders in the run game. A powerful player with vise grip hands, when he gets attached to the defender the play is over. Does a great job of getting to the sideline as well when asked too. Will translate perfectly to guard in this aspect. 


A below average athlete on tape, Carman does not move very quickly at all. This, of course, is due to him being 6’5” and 345 pounds. Even for his size, he does not move well. When faced with more athletic edge defenders, will be out matched and it showed in the reps he went against Miami’s Jaelan Phillips. This is the biggest reason I would like to see him switch from OT to OG. 


As mentioned previously, he is a mauler with exceptionally strong hands. If he can get his hands locked on, the play is effectively over for the defender. Routinely pushes defenders around in both the run and pass game. 

Second Level:

Does this at an average level for an offensive tackle but if we project to guard, I believe he will be very good in this aspect. While not overly fast laterally, he gets down the field with a purpose as he desires the ability to beat up on smaller defenders. Does a great job of locking in on a target and eliminating them from the play entirely. 


Carman does a good job of using his strength in this aspect as he can make himself immovable when he wants too. This will translate better at guard than it did at tackle as he won’t be facing such superior athletes like he did on the edge. 

Hand Usage:

One of the killers for Carman is his poor hand usage in his pass set at times. He often allows his hands to drop too low and he cannot get them back up in time to make a play on the defender. In the run game however, uses his hands very well and dominates the player in front of him due to his hand strength and aggressiveness. 


One of the weaker points in his game, Carman very much struggles to recover when he is initially beaten. Has a tendency to get grabby as opposed to resetting himself. This often happens when he attempts to anchor himself against more athletic rushers. Lacks the athleticism to recover on the edge. 


Now onto one of the most enticing parts of Carman’s game. He is a naturally aggressive player who relishes the chance to be physical at all times. Really plays the position with the kind of attitude you want. 


Again, when watching him at offensive tackle, he has poor footwork. He was often deployed in a 45 degree power set at Clemson, much more akin to what he would be doing inside at guard. This 45 degree set took advantage of his aggressiveness and allowed him the opportunity to get his hands on defenders first. When asked to vertical set, he does not have the foot speed to put himself in favorable positions and leaves himself susceptible to being run past as well as bull rushed. Inside however, will not be asked to move laterally nearly as much and should fare much better. 


Jackson Carman enters the NFL Draft after two years as Clemson’s starting left tackle. While he was good in this role at the collegiate level, I believe he projects far more favorably inside at guard. He simply does not have the athleticism to hang on the outside against NFL speed. His foot speed is most noticeably lacking when faced with faster players off the edge, even at the collegiate level. At guard however, Carman will be able to showcase all of his aggressiveness and strength without having the concerns of how well he moves laterally. Due to him potentially switching positions, I would give Carman a second round grade but I believe he will be an exceptional player inside at the NFL level due to his strength, aggressiveness and size.

Grade: Second Round

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