2021 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Teven Jenkins

Teven Jenkins Scouting Report

A fifth year senior at a school not known for producing offensive lineman, Jenkins will become the first one draft from Oklahoma State since Russell Okung in 2010. Dive into the Teven Jenkins Scouting Report below for more.

School: Oklahoma State / Position: OT / Height: 6’6” / Weight: 320 / Class: rSr.

Games Watched: West Virginia (2020), Oklahoma (2020), Texas (2020)

Pass Blocking: 

While he does show promise in this area, he has a tendency to take bad angles in his pass set. This could be cleaned up in the NFL but I worry if he has the athletic ability to ever match the elite edge rushers he would face. He does do a good job landing high impact strikes however from a horizontal set. Typically not a player you ever want operating out of a vertical set as he lacks the foot speed and athletic ability to gain enough depth in his kick slide. 

Run Blocking: 

A straight up mauler in this aspect. Does a great job of moving down hill in the run game and is excellent on reach blocks. Has hands like vise grips and violently finishes the rep. This is clearly the part of the game Jenkins enjoys the most. Will be a high impact player in this aspect from day one.


A limited athlete who has below average foot speed for the position. Would not hate to see him kick inside to guard where he is less likely to face elite athletes. By far my biggest worry with his game currently. 


Incredibly strong player who has vise grip hands and dominates the run game due to this. Also does a great job against power rushers as he doesn’t give up ground while anchoring in his pass set. Truly a “people mover” type of player. 

Second Level:

Does a great job of getting to the second level and attacking smaller players. Due to his strength and aggressiveness, never loses in this aspect. If he does get kicked inside to guard, this will translate fantastically. 

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Anchors well vs power rushers but struggles to find his landmark to anchor against speed rushers. Does a great job of attacking with his hands first in this aspect. 

Hand Usage: 

The most impressive part of his game, he is very advanced in this area. Does well to always land the first strike and get his hands inside the defenders shoulder pads. Vise grips in the run game but never gets called for holding. His initial punch is deadly. 


Not great recovery ability against speed as he oftentimes allows rushers to run around him. He simply does not have the athletic ability to recover in the NFL. Against power he does a great job of re anchoring himself if he loses ground.  


A violent football player who does not lose reps due to an unwillingness to hit or be physical. Violently finishes the play, especially in the run game. Has a high running motor and he lives for the physics side of the game. 


Does not have elite footwork for the position as he consistently gets caught being late in his kick slide. In the run game however he is great at moving himself down the field and his footwork is nearly perfect. Often plays “over his toes” which helps him in the run game but hurts him at times in the passing game. 


Jenkins is a good player and I think he could be a great football player if he is allowed to kick inside to guard. At OT he struggles against speed on the edge due to his limited athletic ability. At guard however, he could use his strength and ability to move down hill and become a true “people mover” in the run game and on screens. While he is a below average athlete at OT, he is a good athlete at guard. One of the most aggressive players in the entire draft, Jenkins will surely make any offensive line coach happy with his effort and knowledge of the position. If moved inside I believe Jenkins becomes a good starter in the NFL but I would be willing to start him at tackle and let him fail his way inside. I currently have him with a high second round grade. 

Grade: Second Round

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