2022 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Iowa State RB Breece Hall

Brian Lamb
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When it comes to playing the running back position in the National Football League, several traits are necessary. First, ball security is a must. Keeping the ball off the ground, with a low number of fumbles, is key. Second, patience is a must as backs in the NFL as gaps are much smaller at the next level. Finally, the pro game is bigger, faster, and stronger. As a result, NFL scouts want to see runners that utilize good contact balance and a will to fight for additional yardage. Iowa State RB Breece Hall is a potential 2022 NFL Draft prospect that possesses all three of those traits. In this scouting report, we’ll breakdown how Breece Hall employs these traits and, more importantly, how they’ll fit into the NFL.

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Breece Hall 40 Time

I have Breece Hall projected to run a 40 time in the 4.48 to 4.53 range. This would fall in line with the league average of 4.49 seconds. As evident on film, Hall possesses solid burst, but lacks a consistent top end speed downfield. NFL scouts might be keyed to the 10-yard split, giving them a more accurate number for the final 30-yards.

If Breece Hall is able to post a 40 time that’s much quicker than a high 4.4, that could be enough to boost his draft stock. A 4.42-4.45 would be very impressive for Hall, who isn’t one that plays like an elusive running back on film.


Breece Hall Injury History

NFL Draft analysts, as well as NFL scouts, will be relieve to find a clean injury history for Breece Hall. To date, Breece Hall has not missed any significant time throughout his three-year collegiate career at Iowa State.


Breece Hall Scouting Report

  • Patient Runner That Lets Plays Develop Before Attacking Gap
  • Excellent Ball Security Throughout Career
  • Utilizes Well-Timed Jump Cuts At Line Of Scrimmage To Elude Defenders
  • Lacks Ability To Maintain Top End Speed On Long Runs Downfield
  • Minimal Amount Of Reps In Pass Protection
  • Satisfactory Lateral Agility To Bounce Runs Outside Quickly

Breece Hall is one of the top running backs on my 2022 NFL Draft Big Board. As a result of his abilities, I currently have Hall listed as the third overall RB in this class. Hall has good patience at the line of scrimmage to let blocks develop before attacking the gap. Once the gap is created, he has solid burst and acceleration to get through the trenches and into the second-level. If necessary, Hall utilizes well-timed moves to hit gaps inside the tackles. If Hall faces defenders at the line of scrimmage, he maintains a good contact balance to push forward for yardage and remain upright.

While he has limited reps in pass protection, Breece Hall absorbs the contact quite well and does a fine job of recovering. However, his inexperience might show early in his NFL career. He does a fine job of reaching the flats quickly as a potential receiver for his QB, but I would like to see him mirror the QB to make his job easier.

Finally, Breece Hall has a solid top end speed, but seems to lack the overall speed downfield to outrun the secondary. Despite this, he’s still capable of delivering big runs along the sidelines, but doesn’t always possess a full gas tank on longer runs. However, he is quite capable of scoring on designed runs in the redzone, which offensive coordinators could look capitalize on.


Breece Hall NFL Draft Prediction

Breece Hall is capable of becoming a three-down back in the NFL, plain and simple. His patience at the line of scrimmage, combined with the burst and explosiveness, gives him a leg up on the competition. While there are a high number of carries for Hall, especially when compared to Najee Harris or Travis Etienne, he doesn’t seem to be affected by them. More importantly, he has a clean injury history.

I’d like to see Breece Hall get more experience in pass protection, but he does appear to handle defenders well in limited reps. Hall isn’t the type of player that can outrun the secondary on long runs into the endzone, but he does punish defenses in the trenches. When he’s not behind the line of scrimmage, Hall is a fine receiver. He adjusts to the ball quite well and has a very solid catch radius. Additionally, he does a great job of making defenders miss when out in open space.

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