Draftable Players for the 2021 NFL Draft: UAB Blazers

With the Super Bowl now behind us, the Draft process full begins for all 32 teams. I would like to start a series going through some smaller schools that have NFL prospects. Starting off today we are going through the UAB Blazers. With their football team being resurrected not too long ago, they have some solid prospects coming into this Draft. Let’s dive into it!

Offense Players for the Blazers:

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Spencer Brown, RB, #4// 5112, 220lbs

Spencer Brown is a guy I was pleasantly surprised with when going through the tape. Brown is a guy who has a good size to speed ratio. He can be a bruiser, plus he has good enough speed to cause problems for defenses. He is useful in the passing game as well. Brown is good at catching passes in the flats and making things happen. In 2020 he rushed for almost 900 yards and finished with ten rushing touchdowns. He has had solid production at UAB and I feel like he will be a guy that can find a place in the NFL. I don’t feel like he will have a huge career but I think he can easily be a rotational guy for an NFL team.

Austin Watkins, WR, #6// 6014, 207lbs

Austin Watkins for the Blazers is an impressive receiver who is probably going to be a late day two to early day three guy. He is explosive in and out of his routes, he is crisp, and he can run detailed routes with plenty of cuts. When he goes to catch the ball he goes after it with a selfish attitude because that ball belongs to him. In 2019 he had a 1,000 yard season and then in 2020 he had just shy of 500 yards. Watkins is a guy who has very few questions about what he can do. The only issue he could run into is consistently creating separation. That is what keeps him from being a true vertical threat and what forces him to catch contested balls. Overall I feel Watkins is going to be a steal for an NFL team.

Myron Mitchell, WR, #5// 6000, 174lbs

Myron Mitchell is a guy who really had moments where he was impressive. Mitchell is a tad undersized for the position. He has good hands and can truly be a deep threat. He does a good job of catching contested passes and being a deep threat. It is hard to see Mitchell being drafted any earlier than a late pick on day three. 

Defense Players from the Blazers:

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Jordan Smith, DE, #22// 6061, 255lbs

Jordan Smith is someone that has been sneakily impressive for the Blazers. Smith has a good first step when he is coming off the snap. He can be explosive and powerful, especially if he gets to the chest of the offensive lineman. He seems to have strong hands and he does his best to keep the offensive lineman off of him. Smith can also play coverage when he is asked to as well. He fits best in a system that uses hybrid fronts or a 3-4 EDGE rusher. Smith is raw and needs to be molded. His pass rush moves could be better and be more refined. Plus he could learn how to process plays better. Depending on how you look at it a team could really get a steal here with Smith. He has the athletic ability and freakish talent to really be good in the NFL. 

Brontae Harris, CB, #1// 5092, 178lbs

Brontae Harris is a bit undersized to play an outside corner, which is what he played at for the Blazers. In 2018 he had a very productive year but in 2020 he dropped off considerably even with playing a full season. He is scrappy and plays hard but is ultimately too small to really make a consistent impact on players. Harris struggles with coverage at the top of his routes and struggles to stick with a defender when he breaks off of his routes. He maybe could make it in the league as a slot corner instead of playing outside. I will say he isn’t afraid to get his nose dirty with run plays but he is really undersized to take down even average size backs or receivers who may have 20 pounds on him. I love his effort but it is really hard to see him make it in the league. 

Thanks for reading! Check out my last article about a small school prospect here.

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